NASA Powerlifting adds the Master Evolution Division

Create: 04/12/2012 - 09:44
The Natural Athletes Strength Association has announced the addition of the Masters Evolution division to be added to the national meets starting with World Cup on August 11th 2012. The Masters Evolution division incorporates the Dave Draper Top Squat attachment for the squat portion of the meet. The Top Squat allows masters level lifters with shoulder flexibility issues to still compete. The squat portion of the meet will be un-equipped only allowing a belt, wrist wraps and knee wraps. The bench press and deadlift portion will allow the normal single ply gear as normally allowed in NASA powerlifting. The Top Squat allows masters lifter who thought that their competiton days of squatting were over return to the platform to lift again. For more information on the World Cup meet and NASA powerlifting go to The Top Squat can be purchased at Current NASA members are eligible to receive a promotional discount on the Top Squat.