Russian Powerlifting Championships 2012

Create: 02/27/2012 - 01:30
Thanks to our friends at Iron World we have some footage of the 2012 Russian Powerlifting Championships. Sergey Fedosienko won the 59Kg (130) class by squatting 295Kg (650.3), benching 187.5Kg (413.3) and deadlifting 267.5Kg (589.4) for a 750Kg (1653.4) total. In the 83Kg (182.9) class Evgeny Vasyukov won by 2.5 (5.5) kilos over Alexey Sorokin. Evgeny totaled 905Kg (1995.1) (345Kg [760.5], 232.5Kg [512.5], 327.5Kg [722]) Alexey totaled 902.5Kg [1989.6] (365Kg [804.6], 227.5Kg [501.5], 310Kg [683.4]).
59Kg footage 83Kg footage


Submitted by Team McCloskey on
Awesome lifting to all, keep up the intense training. Proudly Sponsored By; WestCaryBellBell UnBreakAbleGear ReActiveTrainingSyStems BodysBestSuppleMents; Team McCloskey

Submitted by strongman2687 on
I've said it before and i'll say it again....pound for pound fedosienko is the strongest powerlifter on the planet. It's just unreal, also, all those numbers he put up will be world records for the new 59kg class. Also extremely impressed witht that 82kg class....4-5 lifters at such an elite level...just crazy.

Submitted by Wilmer on
only 6 comments ?? really? OMG Sergey Fedosienko is keep getting stronger, he boost his total by 20 kilos...WOW that extra 3 kilos is helping his bench alot! hopefully The IPF could see 770 kilos total @59! Them russian always put a good show of strenght. Its strange how Alexey Sorokin miss his third DL? Reactive Training System

Submitted by voilodion on
Powerlifting as it is meant to be.Amazing depth of talent makes a mockery of what is often seen .Truly strong performances,so is it genetics,something in the water,hard work,aluminum plates.Such outstanding lifting draws half a dozen comments?& yet a 1200 pound dip will draw dozens.Fred hatfield took a trip to russia in the early 80s & predicted that if the russians ever took up powerlifting they would dominate,he was 100% correct.