Dan Green - 1,868 lbs @ 220 RUM 5 (847.5 kgs @ 100)

Create: 02/05/2012 - 01:59
Here is footage of Dan Green - 1,868 lbs @ 220 RUM 5 (847.5 kgs @ 100) If he had been able to lock out the last deadlift (804), it would have put him at 1934. Check it out.


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dgratton wrote:
Man that guy is huge for a 220! Great lifts..I am humbled:)
His bodyweight was 217.5lbs (98.7kg)

Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
Danis def. large. Looks like a late 80's throwback lifter or WWF guy. He'll def be in the 825 range next year.

Submitted by Myles Kantor on
Dan, congratulations on a world-class performance. Your progress has been amazing.

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That squat was AWESOME. Watching this guy was like watching an old school 80s powerlifter. Just manly as hell.

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What an amazing performance! A real treat to watch him lift and see how wonderful his technique and strength blend together.