Lower Back Stretches & Warmups

Create: 05/19/2006 - 05:10
A Fortified Iron thread looks at some good stretches and warmups for the lower back. The original poster:

My first few sets of bench are always hell, My back is tight and it's very hard to arch and somtimes painfull. I realise that benching with a large arch isn't comfortable, But this is a little more then just ordinary discomfort. I'm incredibly tight on my sets. It's affecting my arch, I used to have a very impressive arch going but now I am tighter then normal for what ever reason. Are there any techniques you guy's use to warm up and get the blood flowing and stretch out? I have tryed using support from large pvc pipes on my warmup sets etc, But I am looking for some new ideas.


I also use a pvc pipe..but alot of back tightness is becuz your hips are tight..i try and take at least 15 minutes to really stretch out my hips and lower back b4 a session..helps alot..i dont really know the names of any stretchs and i would not be able to describe them very well simply becuz im an idiot..but when u do learn the stretches takin 15-30minutes to stretch before a session would make all the difference

Have you tried any dynamic mobility work for your low back/hips to get it warmed up? Much better than stretching in my opinion. The parisi warm up dvd and magnificent mobility are both very good

honestly 90% of back pain and tightness comes from tight hip flexors, do some hamstring stretches, quad stretches, glute stretches, some lower back stretches and stretch the HHEELLL out of your hips flexors- guarantee ur low back loosens right up!

Skiba had me lay down on a keg and roll it back and forth underneath my back. Good stretch for both the back and legs/hip flexors. Of course if you don't have a keg you could substitute a Swiss ball but that's not nearly as badass.

Lay on your back. Bend your legs. Hold your feet, legs together. Move from side to side. This really helped me out alot!

try stretching your abs, hip flexors, and quads before you bench. Follow that up with some hamstring stretches, and if need be, some back hypers or reverse hypers... Also, the most important thing for you to do would be to get a foam roller, and use it nightly for 2 weeks, and then back down to about 3 times a week after that

I also do dynamic mobility work on top of various stretches. I also agree stretching out the hip flexors and groin is the key that enables me to get a wide stance with a big arch. I usually stretch the lower body and lower back the same I would before I deadlift. A few sets of pullovers over a ghr or a bench may help you too...