Why People Skimp On Pulling

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An Anabolex poster wonders why so many powerlifters and non-powerlifters train the bench and squat but not the deadlift. Replies:

I'll tell you what gives--my bicep. I will never pull again. Seriously, I used to love to pull when I competed in full meets. Hell I still tried to pull after my back injury, hence my currently torn/repaired bicep. I like lifting heavy things. I think most people do not. Plus most of the squats I have seen in regular gyms do not qualify as squats, but then again a lot of the powerlifting ones nowadys don't either.

ive seen people pull 3x week and be ok. i mean...it seems that there is a pulling problem in the usa. the squats are all good and benches good too.

I think most people are just afraid of hurting their back. "They" always tell you not to lift with your back. No matter how you do it pulling will use your lower back muscles. I have people tell me all the time I'm gonna hurt my back when I load lots of weight on the bar for deadlift. They don't even watch to see how I lift it; they just assume I'm going to hurt my back. Blame all these people that know nothing about weight training for telling people all kinds of bullshit about lifting too much for people not doing deadlifts.

hell yeah, i always get these "that kid is just going to hurt his back looks" whenver i am doing a deadlift workout with 515-585lbs. yes, i know there are some guys in this forum that can pull 585 with their dicks, but remember, to the regular idiot at a university gym, a 315lb daedlift is "heavy" i was actually warming up with 315 on DL one time and a guy thought that was my working set and he was like dude your a beast

I think most skimp on the deadlift because it's the hardest lift. There's no magic suit to add 200+ pounds to your deadlift. So good old fashion hard work has to come into play. And most people are to lazy to put fourth the effort. Plus people are getting 300 pound carry over from there squat suit's and 200 pound carry over's from there bench shirt's. So they work mastering there squat and bench that and add allot to there total.

Puuling is hard. It's tough on the CNS, as well. If you're smart, you can find alternatives so that your DL goes up, without having to pull as often. I pulled a PR after not DLing for 5-6 weeks. As long as you train the pulling muscles, you don't have to pull all the time.

I always liked to deadlift because it was the easiest exercise in my book. No equipment to deal with. Just bend over and lift. I also thought it was the least dangerous (until my torn bicep) because there is no chance of getting crushed by the weight. I think most people don't pull because they are pussies. I pulled 800 on the trap bar with a couple of months worth of work. I was up to a pretty easy 675 before my bicep tore (at the top of the exercise by the way) and had not deadlifted conventionally in ten years. Oh by the way, I don't do it regularly because I have two ruptured discs in my back. People who don't like to pull probably have low overall core strength.

Pulling is just flat hard, and anything hard most people will "find" excuses for not doing...it's sick people like us that do it because it's hard...the assistence stuff is great, but "to pull heavy, you got to pull heavy"

I see more people benching and deadlifting than squating.

Because pulling too much just doesn't work for most people.


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people are pussy's. just pick it up. i dead more than i squat and bench

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I use a Ed Coan deadlifting routine that I got off of the net. The cycles kick my ass, but I love every rep of it. The Deadlift is King! I don't use a belt or wraps... Just me, chalked hands, and the bar.