NeboBarbell member Davon Gardner's meet results

Create: 11/19/2011 - 01:50
Davon Gardner (NeboBarbell member from North Carolina) competed at the SPF Record Breakers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. In only his second meet, Davon hits - 500 raw squat, 365 raw bench and a 550lb raw deadlift - 1415lb raw total at 200 pound body weight, it's a 155 pound total meet PR from his previous meet. He placed first in the 220 mens open raw full power. Here is the footage of his lifts.


Submitted by CHAINMAN on
Geat lifting Devon. An all around athlete. He also played semi-pro football for the Asheville Grizzlies 9-1 this season behind his running game. He runs around a 4.3. Devon was just picked by the Arena football league.

Submitted by Brian Mc on
Obviously some great natural strength. If he choses to focus on PL a little more and gets the finer points of the form down (and can suck that final two lbs) he could do very well at 198.