Floor Press Higher Than Regular Bench?

Create: 05/16/2006 - 07:53
An APF Outlaws poster has an interesting problem, the amount he can floor press is significantly higher than what he can press conventionally. He wants to know why. The poster:

Could someone PLEASE explain to me why my floor press is at least 50 pounds (closer to 400#) more then my unequipped bench press (350# or so) with the same grip? What weakness does this indicate & how can it be remedied?

Opinions on what's going on:

It seems to me you need more work off your chest and leg drive. Body structure has a lot to do with it as well. If you're light with longer arms, then it's closer to a half press, but if you're heavy it might be like a full press. It could be form related as well.

well it could be that you dont have the lat pec and upper back strength to match your shoulder and tricep strength. with the raw bench you have to use your lats and pecs to get it started then the triceps and shoulders finish it. Or the lats and shoulders to get it started and pecs and tri's to finish. either way you need more lats and upper back You dont get lat involvement with the floor press.


Submitted by Bob Celcar (not verified) on
I had this problem too and have remedied it. My problem was I simply wasn't doing enough full range pressing. I took a weight about 80% of my max and did 6 to 8 triples of soft touch benches with it, just brushing your t-shirt with the bar each rep. I managed to increase the weight I used on these quite quickly. My accessory work remained the same (loads of lats and upper back, close grip benches off 2-board for triceps, 3 and 4 board and racks for lockout) with the exception that I increased the focus on shoulder work with lots of overhead pressing.

Submitted by Nick Winters (not verified) on
I would guess that its because the guy is weak off his chest. When I first started doing floor presses they were drastically lower than my full ROM bench because I had weak tris and all my explosion came off of my chest.