Jamie Lewis Hits 1600 Raw @ 181!

Create: 11/11/2011 - 02:05
At the recent APA Power Frenzy held November 5th 2011, Jamie did something that no other US lifter has done since raw became popularized in the mid 90's! In fact, no one has done it since 1973 (that was the only year that wraps were not allowed and suits hadn't been invented). Jamie went 1600 with out wraps! Heck he didn't even wear a belt, just a pair of TK neoprene knee sleeves! He started out his day with a 605 3rd attempt squat but took 615 on a 4th for a new APA record. He then went 355 in the bench and pulled 640 in the dead to officially total 1600. He also took a 4th attempt in the pull by yanking 655! His total aggregate for the day was 1625 for an APA record. However, for ranking purposes 1600 is his official total. He is now ranked #2 in the current raw rankings and his 615 squat is #1. His 655 pull is ranked #5 Here we have footage of his historical achievement:


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mcdougal wrote:
Great lifting! Hope to compete with u at APA Raw Nats n April 2012.
Thanks, bro. I was actually hoping you'd be doing the RAW Unity so we could put on a bit of a show. I may end up at that APA meet, so if not in Jan, I'll see you in April. Btw, congrats on your October meet. They took long enough getting those results in, haha.

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Great work Jamie!!! Congrats!! Regards, Mike Ski