ADAU & 100% RAW joint sanctions

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Beginning on January 1, 2012 and running through December 31, 2012, 100% RAW and The ADAU will run dual sanctioned meets. The following is a list of how these dual sanctions will affect the lifters.
1) A.D.A.U. athletes whose membership card has not expired by 1 January 2012 shall have their remaining time carried over into 100% RAW without purchasing a new card. The reverse will be true for 100% RAW lifters. Lifters whose card has expired may purchase a new card from either federation. 2) Effective 1 January 2012 We will freeze/retire both federations records ( State & National ) separately and then merge the top lifts into a third file. 3) Each federation will retain it’s name and identify itself as: “Collaborating Partners” with the other. 4) During this trial period the A.D.A.U. will also honor the 100% RAW wrist wraps rule. This rule gives the lifter the option to use wraps on the wrist only, during any lift. 5) During this trial period the A.D.A.U. will honor the 100% RAW knee-high socks rule during the deadlift. The socks will be mandatory as a precautionary measure which offers further protection to our athletes from blood-born pathogens. 6) Any promoter wishing to give his/her lifters an opportunity to set American or World records must use calibrated kilogram weights for their meets. State records may be set using kilos or pounds. The desired benefit of the dual sanction is to increase competition and to promote the growth of Drug Free / Raw Powerlifting. The eventual goal is for both federations to merge into one. The latter of which will be revisited and the end of the 2012 calendar year. Jackson Lee ADAU Director of Public Relations


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I think that this is a move in a positive direction for the sport of powerlifting however I am not clear as the to whether state/national records can be broken during this year trial. Line 2 states that the records for both federations will be frozen/retired then in Line 6 it states that records can be set. Can you please provide a clearer outline how the records will be handled. Chef Nasir Nantambu,CEC,CSC Concrete Steel Powerlifting

Submitted by Jackson Lee ADAU on
The records will be merged into a new file which will name only the best lift regardless of which federation it was set in. Attempts at records will be posted against this new file. 308# and 319# classes will be the exception because we will have to research the exact weight of the athlete on meet day to determine which class their records belong in. -Jackson