Squatting And Deadlifting In The Same Workout

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A Bodybuilding.com poster wonders whether it's okay to squat and deadlift in the same workout. He asks:

What are you guys' thoughts on squats and deadlifts in the same day? For instance, what would you say about squats and deadlifts, 4 or 5 sets each, on Mondays and Thursdays? I've heard its bad to do them on the same workout, but was never told why. Anyone know?

The opinions are mixed:

Doesn't the 5x5 program have them on the same day? I would imagine the argument for not doing them on the same day would be that you would already have expended quite a bit of energy on one or the other, therefore not having full energy to put into the other exercise. However, I'll have to look again, but I really think they are on the same day withthe 5x5 twice a week. It's a proven program, so I would have to imagine it isn't as bad as some make it out to be. Caveat is stiff-legged deadlifts, which are routinely done on leg day, for hamstrings.

They're both really hard work, so you'll only get the maximum benefit from the exercise you do first. That's the theory as to why both on same day = bad idea.

its fine.

I started doing the Bill Starrs 5x5 which has them both on the same day and had to cut out squats and just do deadlifts after about 3 weeks. Maybe its because I do sumos but I found I wasnt recovering properly - I'd miss a squat sessions later that week anyway because I was so sore. Plus I found it made me more prone to back injury (I have trouble anyway) because I was already fatigued when I had to do deadlifts because I'd already done squats. I suppose it just depends on how long you've been lifting and how you recover. If you're not on Starrs 5x5 where you are meant to do squats 3x a wk plus deadlifts it might be easier.

I agree that you can't hit both lifts hard enough the same day. One will suffer. If you do want to try both, you should squat 1st.

To the original question, doing heavy for both squats and deads on the same day would be extrememly hard as one of them would suffer. Now if one was done light or dynamic that would be a different story.

've tried doing them both in the same session, but after I do one I don't even have the energy to think. I can barely get through the assistance work afterwards. Yet some of the guys at Monster Muscle seem to feel that it's quite doable to squat and deadlift in the same session. I can't do it. In the same way that after I do serious chest, I cannot work shoulders in the same session.

I don't squat and deadlift on the same day, as my back doesn't deal well with it. I think it depends a bit on your squat form - I use a lot of low back in my squats, so deadlifting in the same day is painful. If you highbar, close-stance squat, it's a little less strain on the lower back, and probably easier to deadlift on the same day. And in any case, you obviously should be going light on one, and heavy on the other - not heavy on both.

I do them both on the same day. Squats followed by DLs. Everyone is different so do what feel comfortable for you. Some times, for shits and giggles, I will start off with DLs just to max out.

I squat 3 times a week, and deadlift once. On wednesdays, I both squat and deadlift, but the squats are lighter and I feel they don't affect my deadlifts. I remember when I was doing westside and my ME would be squats, and for accesory I'd do some SLDL's... but my strength really suffered. Personally, I wouldn't do them the same day, unless the squats were lighter/dynamic squats.

i have no problem doing heavy squats and deads on the same day. ive been doing them since i started powerlifting. you have to if your gonna squat 2 times a week.

I love doing squats and deadlifts in the same workout. After squats my back is warmed up nicely to go onto deads.

some people like to scream OVERTRAINING whenever they hear about squats and deadlifts in the same workout, STOP IT! in reality, it's really not that tough, so if you want to I say go for it, one might lag behind the other because they work similar muscle groups and plains of motion., but they're the same EXACT exercise. Plus they complement eachother nicely, so it's fine to do.

I do squats & deadlifts on the same day. It is taxing but i manage. As for the myth that you`ll only improve your first lift i personally haven`t found that.


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Usually, if I go heavy squat it will be light deadlift or vice versa. Like Box squats w/ speed pulls or heavy singles on the dead w/low raw box squats for assistance.

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WOW, doing both of those on the same day? and heavy.. well, i did that a few years ago and i liked it at first, but it really started to wear me down . now its something that i wouldnt recommend doing . i like to separate the two lifts for their own days , that way its not so hard on you ,especially on yer CNS . i usually do my back and deads on day and on the following day do leg work , and squats. my body has seemed to thank me for it by increases in all my lifts . but , who knows , this routine might work for me ,but not some of you all ...

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i too have done Bill Stars program with squat and deadlifts for 5x5 with great results but only do the deads on your heavy day once a week or switch them with powercleans you just have to watch your workload on this program.

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Don't be such pussies. Use Westside training and optimize the speed day/ power day. What a bunch of Nancy-boys. You do the same isolated movement for 20 sets of bicep curls done from different positions and weep over two completely different movements utilizing conjunctive training. As long as you don't tax the CNS by doing too many 1rm max, you will be fine. Now put on your panties and train you little bunch of metrosexuals.

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Yeah train westside style. Put on as much gear ass possible and then call everyone else panzies

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the westside school of training is great and has produced alot of great lifters. however , i dont believe its suited for everyone . personally i prefer to be more methodic with my training , listen to my body . i've done this for awhile now and have avoided injury , and progressed rather well. it makes me happy , so great. do what you like in the gym guys , whos gives a crap what eveyone else thinks..

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There were more Westside trainers at the NERB than there were bodybuilders.

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Speed day has you training at 50-60% max which is hardly taxing. That allows you to go heavier on the other lift. Of course some people would rather load up the Cybex machine and call that strength training.

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I think it depends how you train, if you do westside and do a version of the deadlif, like straight leg deadlifts or good mornings, in my opinion those are a little easier to pull off after squatting heavy than it is to do full out deadlifts from the floor and still go heavy. But if you pull from the floor each week and squat each week, i think its better to do them on seperate days..just my opinion

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by the way, if you do a full meet, you'll be maxing out on the squat and dead in the same day, so might as well build up the endurance to do so now