Bill Gillespie's Comments on the Shermworks Free-Spotter

Create: 02/11/2011 - 23:32
I have had the opportunity to use both the Free Spotter for the barbell and dumbbell’s. I have been truly impressed with the quality and function of how well each worked. I have recommended to all my friends who have home gyms to order a set of each. There is no way a lifter can lift heavy weights safely on their own without the Free Spotter safely. Once we became comfortable with their use we found we could go as heavy as our abilities allowed us. This system doesn’t change the motor pattern in any way yet if there is any problem you simply open your hands and the bar is held in place. As a competitive lifter I have seen the best lifters in the world get the bar out of place and risk being injured and it happens so quickly that in many times spotters don’t have time to react to protect the lifter. The Free Spotter would protect you. I really believe a lifter who trains on their own would see their meet records go up simply by being able to train with the Free Spotter. As a Master Strength Coach, I have had the chance to coach at the high school, small college, BCS college, and NFL and I see the Free Spotter as a tool that would protect the athletes from being injured in the weight room. The dumbbell system is not only safer than regular dumbbells but in the long run cheaper. Buying a huge set of dumbbells can be very expensive and yet a few sets of the Free Spotter dumbbells is you need and they are at a the faction of the cost. My biggest concern before receiving my set of dumbbells was ”would the collar system hold the weight securely”. Adjustable dumbbells have always been known for having collar systems that don’t hold the plates securely and have the risk of the plates coming off and injuring the athletes. The Free Spotter dumbbells collar system is by far the best I have ever seen in my 37 years of lifting weights. I have had absolutely no problems with the collars even coming loose slightly. I would highly recommend the Free Spotter system to any lifter that trains on their own for their protection and allowing them the opportunity to lift weights heavy enough to get as strong as they would want. I would also recommend the Free Spotter system for any weight room that can’t provide the proper spotters to insure the athletes won’t get hurt. The Free Spotter is a safe and effective device and yet doesn’t change the lifts in any way that would inhibit proper training techniques.
Free spotter in action
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