Mazza Best of All!

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(Updated with Vid) Yesterday November 6th at the IPA Autumn Apocalypse in Wildwood, NJ, Joe Mazza established himself as the greatest 165 bencher of alltime. Much the way Mendleson did holding the biggest raw bench and the biggest geared bench, Joe now holds both at 165. Joe holds the biggest bench in gear at 705 and now he breaks the legendary bench of Rick Weil with 487! Weil's mark of 485 raw has stood since 1983. It has withstood the onslaught of lifters like Gary Allor, a man who benched 470 raw at 165. Chris Confessore in his early years, made a 460 bench. The record that Weil took was from James Rouse who made a 479 effort. Will Joe become the first to go 500 raw just as he went 700+ in gear? Only time will tell but for now, Joe Mazza is best of both worlds.


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Congrats Joe very impressive.I am sure thats a dream of any lifter to have both equipped and raw.Hard to be awesome at both but you pulled it off!~

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Man that is awsome to hit close to 500 at 165 raw that is some big time benching. Nice job. I am glad to see the raw lifting really taking off lately seems like there are more and more big names busting raw records. I am sure you will smash 500 nice job. I know as a teen lifter I remember seeing Mike McDonald hit some huge raw benches.It is very inspiring to see huge raw benches like Joes. Good luck Joe. Ken Ufford

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WOW! 487- thats incredible, good for him man, thats a serious raw bench at any bodyweight let alone 165. congrats joe. Now bulk to 181 and take weils 556 record! all Glory to God

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hacketjj1 wrote:
Did his butt come off the bench? would like to see side angle if possible. ULTIMATE SIZE, STRENGTH, AND STAMINA
I've been watching his benches for years and I've noticed he sets up where as hard as he pushes with his legs his butt stays on the bench..Nice Job Mazza, your the man

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If I can find better video I will get it posted. Joe was assured by the judges that they saw no daylight

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WOW! At 165 that was freaking unbelievable, dude is a BEAST. I would love to see another vid, his butt clearly comes off the bench pretty good from that view. No matter what, big bench and very impressive. TEAM BOAD