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Power and Bulk members are discussing zma (zinc, magnesium and B6) and potassium. They discuss results, effect on sleep, and look at how absorption can be effected by other substances like calcium.

I've been taking ZMA for a couple months now and the comments above about sleep are dead-on. If I take ZMA at night, it needs to be at a time where I'm able to commit to sleep in 30-45 minutes. The first week I took it, I was sleeping 10 hours a night, uninterrupted, and waking up completely refreshed. Sunday I was pretty fucked up from my event training so I took 3 ZMA and a Lunesta and slept HARD. Most people have zinc and magnesium deficiencies, especially those who work out regularly. Lifting also uses the body's testosterone. Since taking ZMA regularly, I've developed some mild back and face acne and been hornier than all hell. It's like being 17 again, except that now I have body hair. I don't know if ZMA does anything to increase test production directly or if the extended deep sleep is what does it, but mine has certainly increased a lot. I also get pretty lucid dreams. Most every night, I dream about fighting a ton of people, running from the cops, lifting stones and tires, or having sex. After a workout I drink a big Beverly Int'l protein shake, take a multivitamin, 1g taurine, 1 glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM, and 1 ZMA. Then before bed, 2-3 more ZMA's. And I am NOT sore. Or if I'm sore, it's 20% of the pain I'd feel if I was not taking any of these things.

Works like a charm for me. I take it for granted now, but when i started taking it it was really clear that I was sleeping about an hour longer and recovering better.

Zinc and Magnesium need to be taken ~30-45 minutes before sleep. You have to go to sleep right then, otherwise, for some reason, it seems to fuck your sleep up. If you hit that window, ZMA works marvelously. If not, then goodbye night night.

Everytime I have tried that ZMA my sleep sucks. I have never once got a good nights sleep with it. Now Melatonin on the other hand, is a slap from the Sandman, atleast for me.

For me I can't sleep more than about 7 hours after taking ZMA the night before because I will just wake up. So I don't take it if I know I'm gonna be able to sleep for 8-9 hours straight. If my sleep is going to be be limited anyway its great to get the most out of the hours of sleep you do get.

no calcium intake with magnesium. The calcium keeps you from absorbing the magnesium.

Yeah, Cal Mag and Zinc is a common formula. It's better to take Cal separate from Mag, and it's been suggested that you make sure they aren't using calcium carbonate as a binder in the magnesium tab.

I thought Victor's whole thin about calcium had to do with impairing zinc absorption, not magnesium I looked on medline last night (not exhaustively) and couldn't find anything to suggest an interference effect with calcium and magnesium

The reason you see Calcium+Magnesium supplements is because magnesium aids the absorption of Calcium. It's to make it a more effective Calcium dose. If you want the Magnesium you have to take it without Calcium or it just gets out-competed.

I think the deal with calcium and magnesium is, you need acidity to absorb either. The combined amount of calcium and magnesium you can absorb is limited. Some forms of calcium are easier to absorb, that is they require less acidity; for example citrate is easier to absorb than carbonate for old people, who produce less stomach acid. I assume the same is true for various forms of magnesium but I don't know. It seems best to take calcium with magnesium and vitamin D, in small doses spread through the day rather than one big dose.

from a really long url Quote: What about nutrient interactions? Another area of controversy is whether all the nutrients in a multiple would be better utilized if they were taken separately. While certain nutrients compete with each other for absorption, this is also the case when the nutrients are supplied in food. For example, magnesium, zinc, and calcium compete; copper and zinc also compete. However, the body is designed to cope with this problem, and taking many different pills at different times is awkward and unnecessary.

High dose calcium can impede zinc uptake, but its a minor issue for a large proportion of the planet. The main issue is when you have low zinc, combined with high calcium and phytate (think some starving mexican eating proper tortillas)

I looked into the calcium/zinc thing years ago while arguing with Conte on a newsgroup short of taking like 2000mg of calcium all at once, there's no issue the tiny amount that is used for filler should be irrelevant


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Great for drur-free lifter. Ross Mitchem NASA Federation

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Great for drug-free lifter. Ross Mitchem NASA Federation