550 Pound Powerlifter Jeff Lewis

Create: 11/06/2005 - 16:56

Powerlifter Jeff Lewis, who at 525 pounds is big even for superheavyweights, is being discussed over at Bodybuilder.com. Lewis finished second to Gary Frank at the WPO Semis. In the process he squatted a record 1202 pounds.

Some of the members over there are roughing him up pretty good. They point out that his squat is actually only 2.2 times his bodyweight. Obviously, other lifters are putting up much better differentials. They also lay into the amount of bodyfat he must be sporting.

I'd agree that it's not healthy to carry that kind of bodyweight around. But man, he is darn strong. 1202 pounds is one heck of a squat at any weight. Congratulations Jeff!


Submitted by jense from swdden (not verified) on
Hey, im very impressed with Jeffs lift. It's freakin 1200 pounds! I have a question though. Anyone who knows how many calories he eats per day? must be over 15k, right? have a nice day, Jense.

Submitted by admin on
I haven't come across how many calories he takes in. However, to maintain a weight over 500 pounds probably takes many thousand more than the average powerlifter.

Submitted by Mark (not verified) on
I have to agree those are awesome numbers and 550 is exttremely unhealthy, but this is powerlifting and the idea is to post up big numbers so i say more power to jeff, he's a strong guy

Submitted by pk (not verified) on
Guys hes not that good miller squatted 1220 and he weighed in at 360 jeff is not strong at all and all he is fat hes not athletic at all. He is not even worthy of talking about forget him...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Oh yeah big fucking deal. i bet his equipment is lifting atleast 400lbs. I wanna see the man squat RAW, in fact i wanna see everyone squat raw. Powerlifting is a total joke and will never become an olympic sport. Why not just get into olympic lifting ? thats a sport... raw one too

Submitted by admin on
I'm not sure everyone would agree that the goal is to become an Olympic sport. Also, why move to a sport that is even less popular than powerlifting?

Submitted by isbell on
I am going to be the bad guy here. I dont know jeff..he is probably a great guy and has done more for the sport than me. When I see a guy in double ply gear do 2.18 times his body wgt I get the calculator out. All I would have to do is 480 at my body wgt to match that but I have to agree 480 isnt very impressive to watch. I just dont think the smaller guys get the credit they deserve. I am nothing as far as full meets but there are some great smaller lifters that never get mentioned. Travis mash squats 950 at 220 lbs. That is 4 times his body wgt and there are many others out there. There are girls that squat 3+ times their body wgt single ply and drug free. They dont get the credit they deserve. Congrats to jeff on breaking beariers though. My point was not to offend just to bring up my point.

Submitted by admin on
For pushing absolute weight, his feat is incredible but you're right that lighter lifters moving much higher percentages of their bodyweight should also be given a lot of credit.

Submitted by Logan Zirkelbach (not verified) on
You guys that think Jeff is not impressive u need to be quiet. When was the last time you squated over 1,000 pounds? I have met Jeff and he is one of the nicest guys u will ever meet. So all u little girls that are blaberin your mouths, hit the gym and show to me how strong u are and then u can brag all u want or insult Jeff. But don't u say a single thing until u have proven your self! Hey remeber this quote "In order to be the man you have to beat the man"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
after reading those posts on bb.com, I was once again reminded of how stupid 14 and 15 year olds sound and how foolish boybuilders are.

Submitted by Roy Lamont (not verified) on
If you use the Wilks Formula which determines the relative strength of a lifter based on the lifter's gender, weight, and score. A 220 lbs male would have to Squat 1048lbs to = Jeffs 1200 lbs squat at a body weigt of 550.

Submitted by Steve Winburn (not verified) on
He is strong as hell, but I would have to question the Wilkes coefficients validity it they say a 220 would have to squat 1048 to equal Jeff's lift. Plain and simple Jeff's weight allows most of his lower thigh to contact his upper calf, which should improve bounce out of the whole. Throw in the gear and you have a good bit of the lift. I am willing to bet he could lose 200 pounds and still be a great lifter. However, then we would see how much of his lift is smoke and mirrors and not raw strength. BUT DON"T THINK I THINK HE IS NOT STRONG AS HELL. I THINK HIS SQUAT WILL PROBABLY DROP A GOOD 200 POUNDS, BUT STILL BE DAMN GOOD.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Any way you look at it the guy deserves credit, he's taken two world records, in the squat and the bench press, and can deadlift 771lbs. The amount of body fat he's carrying about may not bode well for his health long term but you have to ask yourself could a man of 300lbs acheive the lifts he has? I wonder: a)What his workout program is b)How many calories he eats in a day!

Submitted by vdizenzo on
Mass moves mass. That's absolute strength. We need to recognize strength accross the board. Gotta respect all shapes and sizes in the sport. It's not bodybuilding. Most people weighing 550 can hardly get off the couch. This guys is pushing some heavy iron.

Submitted by serious lifter (not verified) on
Does anyone know Jeffs chest and leg measurements? ifso, write it down, please!