Xtreme Power Television's Host Jay Adams Extends Viewership for Powerlifting

Create: 05/13/2010 - 10:15
Fox Sports Brawl Call host Jay Adams has extended the viewership of his new show, Xtreme Power Television, to an additional 30+ million viewers. At 2:21 in the following clip, Adams states that "and now of course with the folks over at Fox Sports Net-and we're picking up another network by the way-which will be just a little bit under 35 million more viewers. 35 million. And that will be of course for Xtreme Power TV. Its really getting exciting..." Adams, one of the most prolific commentators in the MMA business, brings an audience of 24 million viewers-via Fox Sports Net-to Xtreme Power Television. In picking up the additional network, the viewership for XPTV will be extended to a total of around 60 million. Xtreme Power Television has already filmed footage at last month's Europa in Orlando, and will be in Tampa at the Jackson Springs Recreation Center on June 20th for the R.A.W. United Mike Witmer Memorial meet. Adams on expanding the viewership (2:21) for XPTV:
Jay Adams Interviewing Chuck Liddell for Brawl Call:


Submitted by A. Campbell (not verified) on
I am very pumped about this. Eric is doing amazing things. Dave has a wonderful vision and passion for powerlifting. This is a rebirth for powerlifting. The Extreme Powerlifting TV cameras will be rolling at the NOTLD. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. Let's get behind the people who have dream to bring this sport together instead of fracture it. Alex Campbell NOTLD

Submitted by Al Annunziato on
Great interview, Eric! I could hear the excitement in your voice, and it was contagious. All the best in this endeavor.

Submitted by Busick on
IMO this gives strong evidence emotional PLiing outbursts will soon be a thing of the past. As a sport we can argue all day long about squat depth, bench extension etc etc. In this case even your average gym goer will become familiar with Raw vs. Equipment, credible passed lifts and the like. Federations will play less and less influence and the burden will fall on the creditability of the competition. I applaud the progress of Xtreme Power TV.