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Results have been posted for the USAPL California State Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships which were held on Saturday in Santa Clarita, California. The women's best lifter award went to Tracee Patterson (181). Patterson's 766 pound total ranks her tenth on the Powerlifting Watch Lifter Rankings. She squatted 236 pounds, benched 165 and deadlifted 363 pounds. The men's best lifter was Shawn Buckley (242) for his 1,719 pound total. Buckley finished with lifts of 650, 440 and 628 pounds. John Planas (275) grabbed the best raw lifter honors, totaling 1,703 pounds. That puts him 23rd on the Lifter Rankings. Planas turned in a 611 pound squat, 440 pound bench press and 650 pound deadlift. In bench only competition, Jim Chaaban's (275) 534 pound effort was good for best bencher honors. The effort ranks him 42nd on the Lifter Rankings. 58-year-old Alvin Waldon (242) pressed 413 pound to be named best raw bencher. Waldon sits 29th on the Lifter Rankings with a 451 pound press. In other action, 63-year-old Gordon Santee (165) deadlifted 464 pounds raw and 73-year-old Bob Strange (220) pulled 462 pounds raw. Complete results (pdf).


Submitted by Putt Houston on
Damn Gordon and Bob, thats inspirational!!! Putt Houston.... now with Ridiculous BCWW

Submitted by Rob Schmidt (not verified) on
"73-year-old Bob Strange (220) pulled 462 pounds raw." My God! That is phenomenal!

Submitted by David G (not verified) on
Rob Schmidt wrote:
"73-year-old Bob Strange (220) pulled 462 pounds raw." My God! That is phenomenal!
And let's not forget that he pulled that 462 after a 396 raw squat and 253 raw bench --- That's downright worthy of praise. I too hope that I can still hoist the iron into my seventies... but to be this proficient would be more than I could hope for.

Submitted by Edwin Lewis (not verified) on
I know Gordon Santee and Bob Strange (not as well as I would like) and admire their accomplishments. Great lifters and great ambassadors for this sport! Congratulations and keep up the good work.