Daniel Green Breaks into World Power Rankings

Create: 11/10/2009 - 07:00
Daniel Green (220) broke into the top 50 on the Powerlifting Watch Power Rankings on Saturday at the USAPL Southern California Regionals in Santa Clarita, California. Green turned in a 1,669 pound raw performance to earn the nod as the meet's best raw lifter. The total ranks him in the seventh spot on the Lifter Rankings. Green's total featured a 683 pound deadlift, good for fifth on the Lifter Rankings. He also added a 600 pounds squat and 385 pound bench press.


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Very animated lifter. Puts on a good show at meets. He's got a lot more then what he put on the boards so far.

Submitted by Jeff Rybak (not verified) on
Congratulations, Dan! Not surprising in any way. -- Let me say something else about Dan Green: he's one of the nicest, unassuming dudes you will ever meet. -- I met him at a powerlifting meet in Ohio last summer; neither of us had an entourage, so we agreed to spot each other. I hadn't competed at powerlifting for 17 years, and Dan became a phenomenal coach for me on that day. I had no idea of his lifting prowess, but he really put on a show...and genuinely treated me like I did too (even though, comparatively, I did not).