WABDL Nationals Results

Create: 07/14/2009 - 09:31
(updated) Results are posted for the WABDL Bench Press and Deadlift National Championships which took place on June 13 in Portland, Oregon. In addition to the already reported news of the lifts of James Crawford, Gustavo Warrington, and Mike Womack, a number of other top performances took place. Patrick Holloway (275) recorded the biggest deadlift in WABDL history. Holloway pulled 812 pounds to eclipse the 810 pound World and National Records held by Phil Andrews since 2000. In other deadlifting action, Jerry Capello (242) pulled 733 pounds, Theresa Holte (181) finished with 429 pounds, Jennifer Taylor (181) deadlifted 425, and Brent Mikesell (308) returned to action with a 655 pound effort. In benching action, Sam Aumavae (275) pressed 722 pounds. Complete results.