2009 Olympia Powerlifting Supershow

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The Powerlifting Supershow is proud to announce Nick Busick as official meet director of the 2009 Mr. Olympia Powerlifting Supershow, September 26th and 27th in Las Vegas. Mr. Busick has a very successful history of promoting Pro Powerlifting events. He holds the distinction of being one of only a few to gain nationwide television exposure for the sport with his Mountaineer Cup being shown many times on ESPN. The Mountaineer Cup's national TV ratings were so high, ESPN ran the show many more times than originally scheduled. Nick will team up with bench press great Scot Mendelson, who’s also a seasoned pro meet promoter, to co-direct this fabulous event. Last year was the inaugural Olympia Powerlifting Supershow, a blockbuster event that packed the place with thousands of new fans and standing room only. After seeing last year’s Powerlifting event, several of the fitness enthusiasts in attendance reported later that they had taken up powerlifting and planned to enter their first powerlifting meet. At this first Olympia Powerlifting, Scot Mendelson paved the way for future acceptance and expansion for Powerlifting in the Olympia. Scot also promotes the Acid Zapper Scot Mendelson Classic Pro Bench at the LA Fit Expo. Scot brings experience and his team of supporters from his mega MMA and Powerlifting training facility, Fitness Individualized Training (FIT), in Van Nuys California. Nick’s team of supporters includes an impressive list of other well known and distinguished meet directors who’ve committed their help to Nick and the Mr. Olympia Powerlifting in the interest of promoting the sport. Their unified effort will ensure the best possible Olympia Powerlifting event. The Joe Weider's Mr. Olympia is renowned throughout the universe as the original truly big-time pro muscle event which brought the likes of Arnold and other legends to the forefront of the American public. The Joe Weider’s Mr. Olympia was so pleased with the overall outcome of last year’s Powerlifting Supershow, the sport’s role has been expanded within the Olympia Sports Expo. This year will again feature the electrifying Olympia Bench Press with the addition of Full Powerlifting! The Olympia Powerlifting Supershow, September 26th and 27th in Las Vegas.


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i looked at the entry form. when is the cut off date and what happen to the money that was given away last year.

Submitted by This is Bob Packer (not verified) on
This great news Nick we will be spreading the word here in California and will also be there with Monolifts and any other equipment you may need. Also as GPC Vice President I am happy to make all entrants in the Div2 Nationals it will be possible to set GPC World Records at this our first Div 2 USPF Nationals being held GPC Rules with GPC Referees. We look forward to a great turnout

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so there is no qualifier for the meet? This would be an awesome meet to enter!

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Steve SO are you bringing the Mono-lifts ? Nick - Gas up the limo brother, remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ! wwhhooooooooooooo late

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Is this the bench meet from last year that John Inzer put on-the three different rep mets for cash?If so,what are the weight divisions and what weights will we be repping with?And MOST important,how MUCH MONEY do you win?The cash prizes will determine who shows up at this meet.JK

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I am from canada and was wondering if anyone knows if the division 2 is open to canadians?