Bounce Or Reset Deadlift Reps?

Create: 02/20/2006 - 07:56
A poster is wondering whether he should be pausing or bouncing his deadlift reps in training. There's some debate over which method is better:

The touchy feely crap like "everyone is different" "whatever works for you" is out of hand. The deadlift is a dead lift. You can do reps, but let the weight sit for a second or two before pulling. That is simply the correct way to do the exercise. People get stronger even while making mistakes. It doesn't mean that "it works for them". It means that they are doing enough things right to make progress.

I'm no master deadlifter but I do ok for my age. I do touch and go reps in my training between meets. When a meet cycle starts, I work doubles with a pause, and singles. What you are trying to accomplish should dictate how you train.

As far as deads go, I find that the biggest thing for me is to always mix it up. For instance, one week I may do high rep touch-and-go's, the next week I may do low reps with a pause

You don't start the first rep on a dead locked out, So why on earth would you want to start the second, Third, Or fourth locked out? In powerlifting you train to do the lift once, Not 5 times, with taps off the floor. Deadlift is called a deadlift. So what do you think deadlifting from the top with no pause is doing for your strength? Not much.

I believe in starting with this. Focus on doing 2 sets with a heavy weight for 5 reps (slight bounce). On the third set do 5 paused reps with a lighter weight. Doing paused reps with deadlifts increases your strength of getting the dead weight up off the ground for the first rep. Deadlifting weight off a platform about knee height increases endurance strength for reps.

Doesn't even matter how long the pause is, This isn't a benchpress or squat, When you pause the weight is on the floor. All you need to do is de-load inbetween reps so you are actualy doing a deadlift. As far as im concerned there IS a right and a wrong when deadlifting in reps. There is no right, And there is no wrong, as far as sumo vrs conv, However. Unless you are a bodybuilder you should pause your reps, Plain and simple. This isn't some biased opinion, It's commen sense, The weight has a eccentric when you deadlift in reps with no pause, And there is none on the first rep, And you only train for a 1rm.

Touch and go reps are good for three sets of people. 1) If you are strong off the floor by using touch and go you get to concentrate on locking out the lift, because you will be doing more reps with the same weight, or more weight for the same reps. 2) If you want hypertrophy touch and go reps again allow you to simply lift more total tonnage, and keep continuous tension on the muscles involved. 3) If you want to overload the lift you can take slightly more than your 1RM, in the rack, have someone pull the pins out, and do a touch and go rep. Additionally I'd like to make the point that just because the deadlift is performed as a "Dead lift" in competition doesn't mean it has to be trained that way. Do you squat down to a box in a meet? Hell no, but no one suggests that the idea of box squats is ridiculous. Touch and go deadlifts are no different than box squats, in that they alter or break up the eccentric/concentric relationship.

yes box squats seperate the eccentric from the concentric.....but guess what, there actually is a eccentric portion. Deads has an eccentric portion also, sort of. It's basically non-existent though because the bar is lowered at such a great speed your basically not resisting the weight as much as you are just following it on the way down. And saying that people with weak lockouts should bounce their reps is completely ridiculous. If someone is strong off the chest and weak at lockout does this mean that bouncing the reps would get their lockout stronger? no not at all.


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save your reps for GMs, squats and RDLs i only do singles for comp DL