USPF Hawaii States Highlights

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On Saturday, Darren Matsumoto and Leonetta Richardson hosted the first full powerlifting meet in Hawaii since 2004. The 1st Annual USPF Hawaii State Championships took place in Oahu. Top performances were turned in by Jonathan Bareng and Donna Anderson. Bareng (132) totalled 1,383 pounds to rank fourth on the Powerlifting Watch Lifter Rankings. Bareng registered a 501 pound squat, 352 pound bench press, and 529 pound deadlift. Anderson (114) claimed the fifth spot on the Lifter Rankings with her 799 pound total. Anderson dunked 303 pounds, benched 181, and pulled 314 pounds.


Submitted by gopostal42 on
very impressive lifting! small is a state of mind - Derek Wilcox

Submitted by Darren Matsumoto (not verified) on
Aloha All, just wanted to congratulate all lifters on an excellent job of lifting, Full Power is back to stay! great job by Ata Edralin who MCed but i wanted him to compete so he said OK and proceeded to break a 12 yr old bench record-369@123 3xBW!running back and forth from the platform to the scorers table,his benching was better than his MCing. also Master40-44 Neal Caballero S-705B-562 DL-617 1884!out of 23 lifters 19 did their first full meet! was a great experience, looking forward to our Squat meet in August

Submitted by grissinger (not verified) on
When is your next full power meet? We really want to come to HI and this would be a great excuse.

Submitted by Darren@148 (not verified) on
Our 2nd annual is slated for the 2nd week of April 2010. we also have a Squat only meet going on in August

Submitted by Anonymous Puller (not verified) on
Congrats Leo and Darren on your first meet and I hope you continue to run them for the Aloha State. Take care and hope to lift again with you folks on the mainland!

Submitted by Leo on
Congratulatons to Darren "Menehune" Matsumoto on hosting his first sanctioned full meet! Hawaii has so many talented lifters and everyone gave it their all! Many of them were first time lifters, but handled themselves like veterns. Darren and I are working on bringing a team to Nationals. Thank you to everyone who helped us!

Submitted by Eliot Feldman (not verified) on
Great job Darren and Leo! Hope you are coming to St Louis to support Tony and Al.

Submitted by Ata (not verified) on
Darren did a great job at his first meet as a state chair. Everything ran smoothly! We had music, food, programs, pictures, massages and gave away alot of prizes. All the proceedes went to Wahington middle school. Over a hundred people in attendence. Great lifting by everybody. Hawaii lifters rocked. Looking forward to the squat meet in August. Leo did a great job too. She was also behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. Darren and Leo helped practically everybody at the meet. They was putting on suits and helping them warm-up, calling their lifting numbers and was also judging at the same time. I don't know how they did it. But Darren and Leo deserves alot of credit for bringing POWERLIFTING back to the islands. I would like to thank Darren and Leo for helping me put my Katana on. All week I could not touch and with their help I did pretty well in my bench. I would like to thank also the ZOO- Big Jim, Wayne, Boyd, Eric and Jason. The only complaint I have was the MC Sucked big time. Darren next year you should have a better MC. Then the meet would have run smoothly. Aloha, Ata

Submitted by Cheryl Anderson (not verified) on
ALOHA - sounds like it was a terrific time and some impressive lifting during a history-making meet for Hawaii! I've seen Menehune and Leo at work, and they are extremely hard-working and supportive, big-hearted lifters that just want to help others do well. Congratulations on a job well-done and all your hard work, Menehune and Leo (I know it was a long day, at least for Menehune, who was up at 5:30 am)!

Submitted by Leo on
Ata, What a humble guy! Ata broke a 20 year old American Record, which was formally held by Hawaii's Doug Ortiz, with his 369 bench at 123 (full meet). Unfortunately, we did not have a second national judge so it couldn't be official, but that's OK because next year Ata will bench 402 at 123 and we will have at least two national level judges! Don't make me a lair Ata I know where you live. lol. You did awesome I never saw someone run back and forth from the platform to MC before...perhaps that's a world record in it's self. Thank you so much for all your help and congrats on your lift.

Submitted by Steve Denison on
Congrats Darren and Leo on a successful meet. I hope to be there next year. I'll put your meet on the Region 8 schedule. You might call it the Hawaii State and Region 8 Championships to get more out of staters. All the more reason to get to the islands and lift! Did Gordon Santee make it over? Steve Denison

Submitted by darren@148 (not verified) on
yea Gordon did the hit and run,i picked him up friday,we went and did weighins,equip.check. On sat. he sat in the head ref chair all day, then we took him back to the airport as soon as we were done cuz he had to work the next day. Awesome job Gordon!