H & B Fitness

Steve (Hutch) Hutkowski
225 South Locust Street
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H&B is a beautiful; old-school powerlifting hole in the wall gym. As you enter the front door, the fresh smell of sweat, blood, and ass, as well as the screams from the squat rack, and deadlift platform reassure you that this is where the champions train. Our 14 member powerlifting team has won several competitions, and one state title. With over 20 members benching in the 400's, 5 members benching in the 500's, and one member benching over 600. The H&B fitness powerteam is commanded by mid west powerlifting champion Steve (Hutch Hogan) Hutkowski. Just ask Hutch how to strengthen anything from your pinky to your bench and he will smile and tell you "SQUAT BITCH". Also any heavy squatting session that results in puking, or shitting your pants, nets you a free H&B t-shirt. So if you just moved into town or you are just passing through and need to get in a good heavy lift feel free to stop by. If you need a personal trainer to share your feelings with, or need to tone, or your looking for a Ballys Vic-Tanny type atmosphere. Go to the Bitch Shoppe across town. Please don't waist our time.


Submitted by Justin (not verified) on
The first time I walked in the door I knew this place was different. I walked in a weak little bitch, years later I now have state records and am gunning down national ones. If you want to wear a thong, rub oil on yourself, and tone, this is NOT your place. If you want to train hard, grow out of all the clothing you own, and push ungodly numbers, this is your place!! Its not for everyone, just winners and those with an insane desire to be one. Ask Hutch ANYTHING. He won't try to sell you crappy books and video's like a certain local hasbeen (who really is a NEVER was!) He won't ride off some crappy high school football record that got broken or brag about his "track day where he ran the 400". He just holds a ton of state records in several states and in a national champion and a recognized top 100 powerlifter as seen in Powerlifting USA. He will just tell to to squat and squat DEEP til you shit your pants. Hutch, both Marks, Jimmy, Decker, Finney, Morris, Mosbey, big Matt, and all the guys there are top notch powerlifters. The bitch shop is going down! And to the haters at Maximum Gayness, well I'm sorry! Keep the toning up there boys. The men will be at H&B squatting, benching and deadlifting!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
H and B Fitness in Centralia, IL is the best gym I have lifted at since I began weight training the guys in there are extremly motivating and helpfull. Hutch the owner can answer pretty much any questions you may have in your training for a meet as far as programs , routines , supplements, and how to prepare for competition. Since I have been lifting there I have gained 35 pounds body weight , gained 100 pounds on my bench, 185 pounds on my squat, and 170 pounds on my dead. I know weigh 248.

Submitted by Matt O (not verified) on
H&B Fitness is without a doubt one of the best power lifting gyms in Southern Illinois. The motivation from Hutch and all of the guys that workout there is unmatched anywhere else in this area. If you are truly dedicated to becoming an elite lifter this is the place for you.

Submitted by Tammy (not verified) on
Sounds like you guys know what you are doing and from the pictures, those of what I can see, you all look like you are in great shape. Keep up the good work. Besides that Steve is a hottie - which helps! Take care, Tammy (blondegurlinsc@yahoo.com)