Phoenix Weightlifting Club

Marc Henry
10729 N 19th Ave. Suite B
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Includes USAPL approved equipment (ER Rack, Quest bars, Ivanko plates), but will welcome lifters from all federations.


Submitted by Cody (not verified) on
What are the requirments for going to your gym? Is there like a lifting weight limit or height/weight limit or what?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Do you have female powerlifters? Do they participate in any of the powerlifting shows?

Submitted by ikc5 on
I train at this gym. It's mostly an olympic weightlifting joint, but we have a powerlifting room with 2 halfracks, great bars, and eleiko plates calibrated in kilos. There's also a deadlift jack. There's a squad of about 5 geared powerlifters who train there during mornings and there's about 15 olympic lifters who train at various times. There are no female powerlifters but we have 3 female olympic lifters and a few female cross fitters. There is no monolift and never will be because it's overpriced and unnecessary. Marc is in 6 days a week and will also let you train whenever you want even if he's not in. I have a prohibitive work schedule and often train late at night and Marc has been very accommodating. There's no weight requirement or limit for lifting there. We've got geared powerlifters squatting in the 700s for reps and 9 year old oly lifters squatting 60kg. There's a prowler and plenty of space outside. There's also a fridge and a microwave which is super handy for those who like to eat immediately post workout. It's an awesome place to train and the pricing is quite reasonable as well. Part of the building is subleased to a recording studio and another part is subleased to some bodybuilding/tanning people. Marc is going to try and lease some space to massage therapists as well.