World Natural Powerlifting Federation (WNPF)

WNPF LogoTThe World Natural Powerlifting Federation offers powerlifting, bench press, push/pull, bench for reps and strict curl events. We offer state, National and World events Drug Testing WNPF meets are drug tested. Equipment The WNPF offers lifters the choice of lifting raw, raw classic (knee wraps) and equipped (single ply shirts) Lifters competing in the Equipped Division can wear a one ply lifting suit made of polyester. Briefs are not allowed. Single ply bench shirts are allowed. Shirts can be made of polyester only, They must be closed in the back. They can be open slightly at the neck or closed with velcro. Canvas is not allowed. Knee wraps can be up to a maximum of 78.72 inches in length. Lifters in the Raw Division may use knee sleeves or bare knees and raw classic lifters can wear knee wraps. Age Divisions YOUTH: 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 TEEN: 13-14, 15-16, 17-19 SUBMASTERS- 35-39 MASTERS: In five year increments SENIORS OR OPEN: 14 upward Weight Classes Men 60- YOUTH ONLY 75- YOUTH ONLY 90- YOUTH ONLY 105- YOUTH ONLY 114.5 123.5 132.25 148.75 165.25 181.75 198.25 220.25 242.5 275.5 308 SHW Women 60- YOUTH ONLY 75- YOUTH ONLY 90- YOUTH ONLY 97 105 114.5 123.5 132.25 148.75 165.25 181.75 SHW Membership Fee $40.00 for adults, $30 for Seniors over 65 and $20 for High School, youth and Special Olympians. Contact Information Troy Ford, President WNPF P.O.Box 142347 Fayetteville, Ga. 30215 678 817-4742 Email: World Natural Powerlifting Federation (WNPF) Website Upcoming Meets Meet Search