World Class Powerlifting Federation (WCPF)

WCPF LogoThe World Class Powerlifting Federation was established in 2010. Drug Testing The WCPF does not drug test. Equipment Single Ply The WCPF allows bench shirts up to 1 ply in polyester or denim. They must be closed but can have a Velcro fastener. Lifting suits may also be up to 1 ply and be made of polyester or denim. Briefs are not allowed. Knee wraps up to 2.5m are allowed. Multi Ply In multi ply division, bench shirts can contain up to 2 plies, in polyester or denim. Open back and velcro are allowed. However, shirts cannot be pulled down to where the armpit is showing. Up to 2 ply lifting suits in polyester, denim or canvas are allowed. Up to 2 ply briefs, in polyester, are allowed. The maximum total plies is three. Knee wraps up to 2.5m are allowed. Raw In raw divisions, knee and wrist wraps, up to 2.5m, are allowed. Age Divisions TEEN: 13-16, 17-19 MASTERS: In ten year increments SENIORS OR OPEN: 14 upward Weight Classes Men 100 114.5 123.5 132.25 148.75 165.25 181.75 198.25 220.25 242.5 275.5 308 SHW Women 97 105 114.5 123.5 132.25 148.75 165.25 181.75 SHW Membership Fee $30 for adults and $20 for high school lifters. Contact Information Troy Ford - Founder/Organizer (404) 309-5901 Email: World Class Powerlifting Federation (WCPF) Website