R.A.W. United, Inc.

Raw United Logo Redeemed Among the World United (RAW United) is a Christian-based federation that was founded in 2008. Lifters of all faiths are welcome to join the federation, and all proceeds are donated to support the brave men and women that serve in the United States Armed Forces. Annual membership is just $10.00, and the federation hosts an annual 9/11 meet that is free for active duty personnel, reservists, guardsmen, and veterans. Equipment All meets are RAW. RAW United offers both drug free (IRONMAN) and open (RAW) divisions. IRONMAN competitors can utilize a 4” leather belt; RAW competitors can utilize a 4’ leather belt, non-fastening knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. Records are maintained in both divisions. Weight Classes Youth Men’s (13-Under) 66 77 88 97 105 Men’s (14-Above) 114 123 132 148 165 181 198 220 242 275 308 SHW Youth Women’s (13-Under) 66 77 88 97 Women’s (14-Above) 105 114 123 132 148 165 181 198 SHW Contact Information Dr. Spero S. Tshontikidis 220 W. Silverthorn Lane Ponte Vedra, FL 32081 321-505-1194 rawunitedinc@gmail.com RAW United Website