Metal Militia Powerlifting (MMP)

METAL MILITIA is a worldwide brotherhood of benchers and powerlifters who share a bond built on a similar way of thinking, training, technique and support for each other. Started over 17 years ago, METAL MILITIA technique and training methods quietly spread throughout the world through word of mouth and seminars. The METAL MILITIA way spread because it was different and because it worked. Back in the 1990`s Bill Crawford bench press settled at a plateau max of 500 lbs. He then went to see Louis Simmons who helped him break through that plateau. At the same time, bench shirts were arriving on the scene and nobody really knew how to use them. Bill Crawford took what he learned from Louis Simmons even further when he started studying bench shirts and their technique. His brother told him that the shirt would work better if he cut the back open. From there Bill focused on how best to use the bench shirt and became known as the best bench shirt specialist in the sport. Bill along with Sebastien Burns travelled throughout the US giving seminars on how to get the most of a bench shirt and how to train in one. These seminars blew people`s minds because it was all so different and because most people got an immediate inclease of 50 lbs in their personal record bench press. These new ideas of how to technically use the shirt and how to train differently spread quickly and became known and used by all of the top benchers in the world. Bill Crawford became known as the best bench press specialist in the world. Today, not as many people in the world know of METAL MILITIA technique or training method. Especially, new lifters and raw lifters with not much knowledge of history of the sport are unaware of the power of METAL MILITIA. One of the biggest reasons is that Bill Crawford kept it as an underground society. He loathed commercialisation and marketing. He prefered to keep it real and keep it close. People that have trained with METAL MILITIA became very strong loyal brothers and sisters and kept it the same way. So Why Are We Becoming a New Powerlifting Federation? Nothing much is changing for us. As METAL MILITIA, we have decided that we will run our own meets and support our own meet directors and lifters. We have always been a close, loyal, dedicated group of lifters and now we will just make that a bit more official with our own meets. We are not looking to grow a commercial powerlifting federation nor to make money off of powerlifters. We are simply creating a home for ourselves and making our support for each other more known and accessible. Running METAL MILITIA meets will provide us with a pretty much standardised style of running meets where we will feel at home wherever we go. Music will be loud, judging will be strict and lifters will lift with the integrity and pride we have always lifted with. With our own meets we will have more say in how our meets are run and we will have more consistency in the atmosphere, equipment and rules. They will be our meets. METAL MILITIA lifters will be able to lift in METAL MILITIA MEETS. Federation Website Federation Contests