Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF)

CPF LogoThe Canadian Powerlifting Federation (CPF) launched in 2010 to be the Canadian arm of the World Powerlifting Congress (WPC). Drug Testing The CPF has Pro and Amateur Competitons. Pro Competitions are not drug tested. Amateur Competitions are drug tested in accordance with APWC rules and procedures. Pro and Amateur competitions are always held as separate competitions complete with their own award ceremony. Equipment Equipped The CPF has equipped divisions which align with the WPC/AWPC globally. There are single ply and multiple divisions each of which hold Pro and Amateur competitions. Costume rules and rules governing performance of lifts are available through the WPC rulebook downloadable at The CPF allows bench shirts up to 3 plies in polyester and denim. Canvas bench shirts are allowed. The back of the shirt may be open. Lifting suits can be made of 3 plies including denim and canvas. Also legal are 2 plies briefs with legs and up to 2.5 m knee wraps. The CPO also uses a monolift. Raw The CPF has offered Raw divisons and record tracking since 2006. There are both Pro and Amateur Raw Competitions. In accordance with WPC rules only wrist wraps, singlet and belt are allowed in a Raw competition. Age Divisions Men and Women OPEN (Senior): 13 years upward MASTER 1: 40 years to and including 44 years of age MASTER 2: 45 years to and including 49 years of age MASTER 3: 50 years to and including 54 years of age MASTER 4: 55 years to and including 59 years of age MASTER 5: 60 years to and including 64 years of age MASTER 6: 65 years to and including 69 years of age MASTER 7: 70 years to and including 74 years of age MASTER 8: 75 years to and including 79 years of age MASTER 9: 80 years upward SUB MASTER: 33 years to and including 39 years of age JUNIOR: 20 years to and including 23 years of age TEENAGE: 13 years to and including 19 years of age Weight Classes Men 52.0kg Class - up to 52.0kg 56.0kg Class - from 52.01 to 56.0kg 60.0kg Class - from 56.01 to 60.0kg 67.5kg Class - from 60.01 to 67.5kg 75.0kg Class - from 67.01 to 75.0kg 82.5kg Class - from 75.01 to 82.5kg 90.0kg Class - from 82.51 to 90.0kg 100.0kg Class - from 90.01 to 100.0kg 110.0kg Class - from 100.01 to 110.0kg 125.0kg Class - from 110.01 to 125.0kg 140.0kg Class - from 125.01 to 140.0kg 140.0+kg Class - from 140.01 to unlimited. Women 44.0kg Class - up to 44.0kg 48.0kg Class - from 44.01 to 48.0kg 52.0kg Class - from 48.01 to 52.0kg 56.0kg Class - from 52.01 to 56.0kg 60.0kg Class - from 56.01 to 60.0kg 67.5kg Class - from 60.01 to 67.5kg 75.0kg Class - from 67.51 to 75.0kg 82.5kg Class - from 75.01 to 82.5kg 90.0kg, Class - from 82.51 to 90.0kg 90.0+kg Class - from 90.01 to unlimited Membership Fee There are no membership fees for the CPF. Contact Information Bruce McIntyre 519 880 1636 Email: Clint Harwood Email: Ross Saldan Email: Cheryl McKenzie Email: David Gratton Email: Shane Church Email: CPF Website