Albany Strength Powerlifting Federation (ASPF)

Albany Strength Powerlifting Federation ASPF Website President: John Payette Phone # 518.433.1703 Email: General Rules EQUIPMENT RULES 1. An ASPF Membership card is required (Free) 2. A lifting singlet is required. ATHLETIC FOOTWEAR IS REQUIRED. 3. Equipment allowed: Knee Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Power Belt (Knee High Socks for deadlifting) LIFTING PROTOCAL 1. Each lifter is required to perform the squat, bench and deadlift in this order. (3 attempts each) 2. The highest successful lift of each lift will be recorded and calculated into the overall total. LIFT BREAKDOWN LIFT REQUIREMENTS AND REASONS FOR DISQUALIFICATIONS SQUAT 1. The bar must be shouldered no more than 1 inch below the rear deltoid. The lifter must stand erect and control the weight. The official will give a squat command when the requirements are met. 2. The lifter must descend with the weight to a below parallel depth and come back up. 3. The lifter shall wait until the official says “Rack”. 4. No shifting of the feet from their original position. 5. The lifter must rise in one continuous motion. BENCH PRESS 1. The lifter may receive a hand off from his own handler or may request assistance prior to the lift from the official. 2. Once the lifter has received the bar, his feet and buttocks must remain in the same position throughout the lift. (Lifting of head allowed) 3. No start command will be given. 4. A press command will be given when the bar becomes MOTIONLESS on the lifter's chest. 5. A rack command will be given when the official sees the lifter is in total control of the weight. 6. The lift will be disqualified for uneven extension, hitting the racks, up and down motion of the bar during the lift, or not following the above commands. DEADLIFT 1. The bar being loaded will serve as the start command for the deadlift (the lifter has the ok to begin the lift at his own discretion) 2. The lifter must stand erect with the weight and wait for the official Down command. 3. Reasons for disqualification include hitching of the bar, shelving of the weight on the thighs or an up and down motion during the lift. 4. The feet must remain in constant contact with the floor. 5. A bonafide effort must be made when lowering the bar. (No dropping) SPECIAL NOTES 1. In the case of a tie, the lifter weighing the least will be declared the winner. (In the case of identical weights, the lifter who received his total first will be declared the winner) 2. After each attempt, the lifter is responsible for giving his next attempt to the score table within one minute. 3. When the official says “The bar is loaded”, the lifter has one minute to begin the lift. 4. Vulgarity and unsportsmanlike conduct will constitute a missed lift or disqualification from the contest. 5. Disqualified lifts can be questioned to any of the three officials directly after the lift, but prior to the next official lift.