Edward Dudley-Robey Receives Congressional Award

Create: 10/21/2008 - 07:52
On Friday, bencher Edward Dudley-Robey was recognized by the United States Congress for his bronze medal performance at the GPC World Championships. Dudley-Robey, 165, pressed 407 pounds at the event and set four records, including the GPC North American Open and Submaster records as well as the new USPF Division 2 Open and Submaster records.


Submitted by Alan Collins (not verified) on
i won a gold (perspex actualy) at the same comp so where is my certificate then eh? Lol

Submitted by Priest (not verified) on
[quote=Alan Collins]i won a gold (perspex actualy) at the same comp so where is my certificate then eh? Lol[/quote] I dont know. Way to rain on someone elses parade. My suggestion is to take it up with your congressman.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
[quote=Alan Collins]i won a gold (perspex actualy) at the same comp so where is my certificate then eh? Lol[/quote] Here is the truth - He competed not open but Masters division and he was the only one in his group!! Also british does not qualify for an American award. Quit hating!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Why all of the haters? Jealousy? This is nothing but good for the sport to start to get seen by people outside it. For any U.S.lifter to fly overseas and medal at a large World Championship is a big deal. Plus he was the only american in the open division!

Submitted by Priest (not verified) on
Congrats! It is great that someone from our sport is being recognized. A very positive thing for the sport.

Submitted by Carlquist (not verified) on
That is excellent! Congrats on receiving such high recognition and representing the US.

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Submitted by james kegrice (not verified) on
Congrats to a fine individual and friend. For an M.D. to compete and continue a profession is an excellent example of hard work and determination. See you soon.

Submitted by Courtney Stanley on
Congratulations Dr. Ed... "USPF....the Legend continues......"

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Actually it was Alan Collins lifts that were quite unimpressive. Good thing nobody was in his Division.

Submitted by Alan Collins (not verified) on
I never said anything about Robly's performance i just made a joke about the award as there were some great lifters in that comp that only got a medal it just seemed strange getting an award from a goverment . My performance was terrible i quite agree i turned up hoping to break the world record to add to my other world record i currently hold but having gotten injured that week and spending almost two days driving 800 miles to get there and ariving only ten minutes before lifting i was knackered Lol but that record will be history very soon

Submitted by Jerry Fox on
At that very comp ,Robey took the time to take my training partners bench add 60 lb to his pb,in a shirt my friend had given up on,and helped him on the day.He deserves every bit of that recognition.I have nothing but admiration for any lifter that travels that far and equips themselves so well.I might add he was close to lifting far more than credited for. I'm sorry that your humour was lost in translation Alan and I'm sure you agree that we have alot to learn from these guys,and I will welcome the chance to lift with guys from USPF div 2. Through passion,I gain strength.

Submitted by Alan Collins (not verified) on
Quite agree ! most people dont take the traveling etc into consideration they just comment on the days performance there were lifters there from other countries sleeping in campavans ! thats dedication ! i admire all of them and especialy the older lifters who still compete with injuries etc from years of competing and are still compeditive at international level , this competition actualy brought some ex champions out of retirement they were so impressed by it.