A Tribute To Ed Coan

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BPC President Brian Batchelder and others at the PowerliftingUK forum pay their respects to Ed Coan on the eve of, what he says is, his last powerlifting meet. Coan will be competing this weekend in Las Vegas at the USPF Senior Nationals. Batchelder:

Just dropped Eddy a line to wish him all the best for Sunday, -his last meet and one of powerliftings greatest losses. I think everyone knows what I mean when I say that his records may someday be beaten, but never truly equaled. Here is the dialogue: -----Original Message----- From: brian batcheldor To: *******@***.com Sent: Wed, 8 Aug 2007 3:18 pm Subject: Good luck Hi Eddy It's the fat boy here. Just touching base to wish you all the best for the weekend, I'm sue you'll deliver something mind boggling. Actually, I'd hoped to make it, It's history and I wanted to be there. However, I snapped my Achilles in Greece a couple of weeks ago and had it operated on last week. While there, some nice Middle Eastern doctor, probably part of some Al Queada cell, managed to slip me a bad bout of clostridium poisoning and hey, -no more fat guy! I can heavily recommend it if you ever want to come back as a 165 pounder! So, good luck mate, -jog their minds about what honest lifting really looks like. Brian Skinny boy!! Thanks for the well wishes. I will do my best and have a little fun. I think we all forgot that this is supposed to be fun. I hope to make it to Russia with you guys and get a little crazy. Tell Bolton I said hello and the rest of his motley crew. Take care. I am leaving for the airport in about 20 minutes. Eddy As you may know, Eddy regularly trawls here, stirring up shit and anonymously insulting people, particularly fat people, although bald people and those with a stammer are not excluded. But we still love him. Please get behind me now in wishing this icon of our sport the very best as the sun sets on an illustrious period of dominance. Acheivements so great that the world will never truly appreciate them for what they are. No tricks, no gimmicks, no favours needed, -just pure, unbridled power, freaky genetics and that "do or die" drive that seldom manages to complete the equation. Believe me, I'm gonna bend his ear as much as I can about being with the British Team in Russia, -can you immagine what a positive influence this guy can be, just ask Andy or Bulldog. It's an honour when this guy shows up to help you, so come on, -hastle the git to death.

good luck eddy,go for it and leave us all in awe one last time,you are a true legend.

You are the greatest powerlifter of all time! I don't believe your achievements can ever be equalled! Brian is right. Just your presence around the British team will be an inspiration to all our lifters!

Yep, it certainly is the end of an era - good luck with the final comp, it's amazing what you've achieved.

Ed is a true legend in powerlifting.

Best of luck mate, I never knew we had such powerlifting Royalty looking at the board.

have a good comp eddie,you are one person who has the respect of everyone and when you turn up (late usualley) people get inspired,a lot of your records have fallen but no one has done them as legitametley in the same style as you same kit ,tight refing ,you are still the best powerlifter ever ands its always good to see you at shows,still have to try to get you to buy a drink though lol. i know andy b appreciates you staying in touch with him and still happiley boasts that "ed coan rang me to wish me good luck''And thats a man at the top of his game.so your legacey to lifting stays with us all ,good luck and health in whatever you do now ,hope to see you soon in russia.

the greatest powerlifter of all time in deed! wishing you all the best in your last ever competition i hope you go out with a big bang and remind everyone why you have been so dominant over the years! all the best to a true legend of not just powerlifting but sporty as a hole!

Good luck Eddy its a pleasure having lifted in the same era as the greatest powerlifter that has ever lived.

Best of luck Eddy. I hope you get the 2500 total you've always wanted...

Best of luck Eddy, fair play with what you have done for the sport.

Great post from one legend to another.Lets hope Mr.Coan has a great day.

Good luck Ed. He is true legend in powerlifting. Just hope the younger lifters realise how great he is in years to come with all the new equipment... He was awesome at 82.5 kg,90kg,100kg and 110kg. I cant see anybody coming close on an even level playing field to Ed anytime soon.

I think he has inspired a lot of us at some point. Unfortunatly never have got to meet him or actually be there when he lifts but seen many vieo of him and read many interview and some articles by him All the best for the day and the future

I wish his last meet was televised. If any of you have an opportunity to tape it and post it up please do. I'd be honored to see the legond's last meet. (And hopefully it's not his last and he reaches his goals) Best of luck Ed.

well what can i say about eddy but amazing a true great ,and yes he is a friend and we have kept in touch since 92 when we met at the arnold and ever since, if he has ever missed a show of mine no matter where i was in the world at the time he always called me to say good luck,and yes its the best feeling ever to have a hero of mine as a kid to also be a friend,i really do wish him all the best but is it really the end,i am not sure about that good luck eddy

i am sure he will go out in style good luck big man

Best of luck Eddy for your final show,you are and will be always a legend in Powerlifting what ever org lifters are in you are one of the elite

I started powerlifting in 1989 (yes I really am that old) and it was Ed that inspired me take up this sport. Good luck Ed - thanks for the inspiration.

Good luck and all the best in your last competition Ed. Ed Coan is not just the greatest powerlifter of all time but the greatest Strength athlete of all time! Ed Coan to powerlifting is what Muhammad Ali is to boxing! A legend.


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Best of luck this weekend Ed. Congratulations on your great career. Powerlifting will surely suffer from the loss of your presence.

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Congrats Ed on the amazing history, effort and dedication you leave to all of us PL'ers. Lets hope is a few years, that you may get that itch again and come back to entertain us. There are a whole bunch of master's records to set and show the world the amazing strength we can carry forever. Thanks for the memories and the inspiration. Have a FUN weekend.

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Congrats Ed I appreciate the history and legacy you give to all Illinois Powerlifters. You are one the reasons I'm in this sport, I only hope that when I compete in my last competition I can leave a mark just as you did. Good Luck This Weekend!

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Ed the Great, you should have your picture in stained glass at the offices of Powerlifting USA some day. All the best to you this weekend and in retirement! God Bless.

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Ed, I've watched mostly all your videos and I can honestly say, that amongst the world's powerlifters, you are the best. The vid you did of your squat training at Quad's....was truly inspiring and got me to buckle down and accept that I wasn't really squatting, I was just going through the motions. You never screamed, hollered, or let your handlers slap you around to "get up" for an attempt, you just had, what I'd call...natural intensity. Everytime before an attempt, you'd get a certain look in your eyes, it was like you didn't even see the gym or the crowd, it was amazing to me and at the same time, it was inspiring. You my friend, if I may call you that, will forever be the best and a beast ! No matter what anyone says or will say...you are truly number one ! Peace out and best of luck.

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Best of luck in your pursuits after Powerlifting Ed! I agree, hopefully one day you will get the itch again (I predict you will... smile) and come back to competition.

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Ed you are the best. I have been privileaged to train and get advise from you. Have fun this weekend and do what you do.

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No one will ever be equaled to Ed Coan. Atleast not in my lifetime. The best ever. Have fun and show everyone one last time what you're all about. Best wishes from Sweden.

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ive never met Ed or seen him lift but i know for sure he is the greatest of all time and a legend. Best of luck in the comp and putting up a huge total with no silly equippment. My hero, Mr. Ed Coan. Michael from Manchester.

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Mr. Coan, You were the best back in the 80's and you are still the best. Thank you for all of the great moments!!!

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when i first started lifting the name i heard about most was ed coan, and when i did some research and watched his lifts i knew why . to me the best ever. have a great time this weekend .

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Good luck to you eddie, hopefully you'll still saty actively involved in the sport through coaching or mentoring for many years to come!

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Ed Coan is the greatest. Congratulating someone can be done without gratuitous advertising, amazing. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

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[quote=Yeshua1964]Et Tu Chris, et tu? It's ok though, cuz you guys have a great product.[/quote] Great product and great sponsors of a great website too..., this one! I would also like to get my congrats in to Ed...,good luck and I hope that only good comes of this final appearance as a competitor. I know you'll always be, most importantly, a POWERLIFTER, in the truest sense of the word, whether your active or not. Somewhere, your influence will be felt. Good luck to the lifters and the USPF this weekend. These Nationals mark the beginning of a new chapter for the USPF in that the winners will qualify to go the the WPF Worlds. Perhaps we'll see Ed Coan once again on the World platform? Stayed tuned...,a trip to Mexico might be in the works!!! It is even ok to dream BIG!!! Jim Maryland Powerlifting Lift..., what else?

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I hope the younger generation of powerlifters understand how dominant Ed Coan has been in the sport. He has few if any equals in history. You will be missed Mr Coan.

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good luck cousin. We are, always have been, and always will be proud of you and your amazing achievements.

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Eddie, May your future endeavors be as successful as your past.

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IMO Ed Coan was and is the baddest of the bad. For him to break Kaz's total at that bodyweight in yesterday's gear is still mindblowing.

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Ed Coan is amazing! He hit 2259 at 242! Team Super Training member Scott Hoss Cartwright hit 2303. 903 sq 650 bench 744 pull. Scott Smith dropped from the meet.

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coan is the best!! with all the smoke and mirrors of todays lifting he's still here and still the best. pound for pound he was unbeatable and a class act!!

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Ed, You don't know me, but I met you back in '91 at the USPF Seniors when you absolutely demolished the squat, dl, and total records at 220. You were one of the reasons I started PL'ing in the '80's, and you served as a real inspiration to me and to many others. The weight you've lifted is certainly remarkable, but I think the real impact you made was as a personality in the sport. You just always seemed larger-than-life. You always exhibited a humility and down-to-earth way of being that was refreshing. In the modern era of geared lifting, I didn't always agree with your opinions, but I certainly respect you and your opinions. Best of luck in whatever you do!

What is even more impressive is that he has been succesfull at the national level for more than 25 years. I can not think of another lifter in history who can make that claim. I met Ed at the Mountaineer Cup in 2001. I have never met another lifter (other than Kaz) that gives off that larger than life persona. Truly a legend in every sense of the word. Congrats Mr Coan on a very successful powerlifting career. I hope the future has great things in store for you.

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I was there when Ed hit 901 in the DL, and the thing that struck me was the raw intensity of the man, the "no fear" attitude like the weight on the bar just didn't matter. That day, he squatted 959, and it was the same story. The guy just exuded the attitude of a warrior who, in his mind, had already made the lift. You see stuff like that, and you can't help but be inspired. He's definitely a legend, no doubt about it. I remember the "golden age" when Ed, Kirk, Dave Jacoby, Gene Bell, Mike Bridges, Lamar Gant, Doug Heath, Jesse Jackson, Jeff Chorpenning, Kaz, and a host of others were just destroying the perceptions of what the human body could do. Maybe I'm just an old man, but I seem to remember there being more respect and less bashing back then. I really miss those times. Every year, me and my training buddies would eagerly await the senior national/world championship issues of PLUSA and just stare in awe at the pics of these legends. When we actually got to meet these guys, it was just incredible. Oh, well, I'm rambling! Ed, best of luck, buddy! We'll miss you!

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Some sick stats! Read thse carefully..... 1st off I want to say that Ed Coan is the reason why I ever really got into powerlifting. I have always been amazed at his strength. He is the best ever. Here are some of his most impressive stats. Elite totals at 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, and 275 That's 6 weight classes! At 181 Deadlift 2nd All-Time 791.5 (359.0) *4.37X Ed Coan (US/63) 7/7/84 Total 7th All-Time 2026.0 (919.0) *11.18X Ed Coan (US/63) 7/7/84 *Mike Bridges* Did 2104 at the bodyweight in 1982 [bad ass!] At 198 Squat 11th all-time 859.8 (390.0) *4.35X Ed Coan (US/63) 7/7/85 Deadlift 1st all-time 859.8 (390.0) *4.35X Ed Coan (US/63) 7/7/85 Total 5th best 2204.6 (1000.0) *11.30X Ed Coan (US/63) 3/3/85 At 220 Squat 11th all-time 964.5 (437.5) *4.49X Ed Coan (US/63) 11/22/87 Deadlift 1st all-time 901.7 (409.0) *4.10X Ed Coan (US/63) 7/28/91 *the next closest guy did 837* Total 4th all-time 2408.6 (1092.5) *10.95X Ed Coan (US/63) 7/28/91 *This was done in the USPF* The next best single ply total is nearly 200 pounds less! At 242 Squat 3rd all-time 1038.4 (471.0) *4.38X Ed Coan (US/63) 8/12/01 [WPO] Deadlift 2nd all-time 887.4 (402.5) *3.699X Ed Coan (US/63) 12/20/98 Total 3rd all-time 2463.7 (1117.5) *10.27X Ed Coan (US/63) 12/20/98 At 275 Deadlift 10th all-time 865.3 (392.5) *3.55X Ed Coan (US/63) 6/25/00 What a savage!! Mark JackAss Bell

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I tought ed coan was 1st best deadlift of all time at 242 with 402.5 surely noone has lifted more?

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Russian Federenko at 242 did 405kg, just less than 2 years ago, sumo, hook grip wearing knee wraps/

Michael I remember those days too. But I think if the internet was available back then we would have the same issues. I remember the only way to communicate with the greats was by letter or by phone. I remember like it was yesterday speaking with Doyle Kenady on the phone and communicating with Chris Confessore and several others via the postal service. It made it that much more special than the way it is today but times change.

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Ed, I met you in Pittsburgh during the USPF Seniors in '91. I was being Soren Sorenson's 'gopher' and I almost fell over when you came over to ask him if he needed anything. You are w/out a doubt the greatest lifter of all time and your lifts were done w/out all of the b.s. equipment that's bastardized the sport today! I just wanted to thank you for being such a down to earth, nice person to me (you even bought me a pizza wheel; I still tell that story) back in '91 and not an arrogant jackass that most professional athletes of today are. God bless you Ed and even Doyle Kenady used to say that you are w/out a doubt the best of all time; that means something! Jim Covert