Video Of Ryan Kennelly's 1,036 Pound Bench Press

Create: 08/01/2007 - 21:18
Here's video of Ryan Kennelly's All-Time Record bench press of 1,036 pounds from last weekend's WPO Stars of the Bench held in the Ukraine. Also here are his 920 pound opener, 991 pound second, and 1,014 pound third.


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all 4 vids worked fine for me. 920 and 991 looked like freakin speed reps!!!! im still in shock of how quick he pressed them :S but i didn't know he hit over 1000+ twice? thats insane. 920, 991, 1014 and 1036 all in one meet. man hittin 1036 after all the other lifts. so so impressive. hes good for 1050 fresh i reckon. Dammm hes strong!!

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Can someone put these on Youtube because we're not allowed to download codecs at work. Thanks.

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strong and absolutely legit benching.even more impressive that he had already broken the record on his previous attempt.2 world record 1000+ benches back to back.nothing but respect for Kennelly. i value my Road to the Arnold DVD now twice as much as before.cant wait to see him lift again.

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