Cailer Woolam Epic 881 at 194 Pounds!!!!

Create: 02/14/2017 - 19:33
Cailer has been shown in training recently pulling ungodly amounts aof weight ranging from 900 up to a 1000 pound "tire" deadlift.. He's been training at around 207 to 210 and made the decision to drop to 198 and attempt to pull as close to 900 as possible! Competing in the USPA at Corpus Christi Contender Crossfit, Cailer made an astonishing grinder of 881 pounds! It was a close call, but received the approval of the judges and cost him a slight injury to his hamstring as well. If you are gonna pull a weight that might kill ya, do it with 881! Full meet lifts were: 584 squat, 429 bench press, and 881 deadlift for an 1895 3rd on the current rankings. New All Time World Record: