Eric Lilliebridge ...How much more?

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Eric has been destroying records for the last few years to the point he has changed the imagination of what is considered possible.. At this meet he went 1052 in the squat, 551 in the bench and 854 in the deadlift. This is 2,458 pounds at 308! Very similar numbers to another all time great... Dave Pasanella! Dave was a trail blazer in the late 80's hitting a 2,458 in 80's gear at 275.. He was controversial but controversy sometimes follows greatness...Will Eric hit 2500 at 308 or will he break the Great One's very own record? The great one being the one and only Andrey Malanichev or will the crazy one from Azerbaijan Zahir Khudayarov take them both? Sounds like a monster movie is on the horizon...


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Eric has plenty left, still young and has lifted more in the gym. . ... all things are possible to him that believeth.