Josh Marosi 580 WR squat at 148!

Create: 06/26/2016 - 10:12
Competing at 148 Josh, made a sensational 580 squat with wraps! He lifted at the USPA IBC in Fairmont West Virginia and submitted to testing per his request. There he took 263 or 263.5 kg (currently unconfirmed until further info) shattering the previous record of 556. He also benched 330 and pulled 551 for an approximate total of 1,462! Weight confirmed at 263 kg (579.8 lbs) "Third attempt of 580. Best squat for the day, which broke the All-Time Drug-Free World Record at 148, as well as the American and USPA records (all drug free). Ugliest squat I've ever taken, but happy with the result utilizing shorter wraps