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Every so often an athlete shows an exceptional talent in his sport that baffles the mind. In powerlifting we have had lifters such as Pacifico who many times totaled more than the heavyweights in the early years of powerlifting. You had Mike Bridges who astonished the world with his absolute dominance and ground breaking lifts. Then there was the king, Ed Coan. Ed defied gravity like no other with lifts that at one time were the highest in the world regardless of body weight and at only a mere 220. Now, many years later we have another chance to see greatness... the name is Maliek Derstine. With lifts that add up to a mind boggling 1,901 raw @ 181 pounds, he dominates his nearest competitor by 150 pounds! If he can remain healthy he has the ability to reach the level of these mentioned greats. After all hes as good as Bridges in the squat and bench.... a little work on the deadlift and boom!!!


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Maliek is amazing and an absolute amazing guy too Met him in 2010 at usapl nationals very nice Bridges did a 529 bench raw and a 771 dead Bridges squatted 837 in an old school suit and wraps. I actually have the video and in his suit and wraps before the lift bridges squats below parallel with no bar on bis back then goes and does the 837. Maliek is very close but as good as bridges i think he will need kust a little more work. And if you are talking this way, you HAVE to put jesse norris on that list too. He and maliek both are absolutely dominant

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Maliek is an alien dude. And by alien I mean he was sent here in a pod, lives in an ice crystal palace and can see through womens' clothing. That power is ridiculous.... PROTECT THIS HOUSE. I WILL! I AM Under Armour!

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he does seem like the modern day Mike Bridges, Think they are close to the same height, which is probably why there lifts are similar other then Mikes deadlift.. Derstine is 115lbs over his nearest competitor, not 150lbs