Nominations To Begin

Create: 01/07/2015 - 17:16
Ok folks with the end of 2014 its time to vote for best of the year! There will be:
  • Male lifter of the year
  • Female lifter of the year
  • Powerlifting gym of the year
  • Powerlifting forum of the year
  • There will be certain criteria that needs to be followed when nominating. For lifter nominations it must be on merit, what they accomplished this year. Not just because you like them. Not all your nominations will make it, only the best choices will. For gyms, they must be nominated by what they have accomplished this year. How many elite/ master of sport/ titles etc. Forums are easy that's basically where you frequent most. Email me : with your nominations. There will be a limit to which male and female lifter nominations! No more than 10 males and 10 females. Anything more than that and we are just adding favorites. When you nominate a lifter or gym please put something they accomplished this year.
    Nominations will last 7 days, until January 14th!


    Submitted by Pauly Des on
    make powerlifting a olympic sport 2 time national champion 2 time world champion trainer to champions. Gym of the year gym warriors peabody ma Powerlifter eric lillibridge Female Kim clark

    Paul desimone CURRENT OWNER OF OPLF
    Massachusetts liscensed life insurance and retirement planner.
    Owner of gym warriors

    Retired chairman of
    Raw United

    Submitted by nuninu118 on
    Ellen Stein I think there should be a Master Male and Master Female category-not fair for us old farts to have to compete with the youngsters-we've earned our stripes

    Submitted by Extrem on
    I'm putting Male Lifter Of The Year as John Haack. In July John Haack broke the 181 American Raw w/o wraps total record at 1710. He's 21 years old. His lifts are all around impressive with a recent 705 deadlift and 440 bench. Not to mention he has a sense of humor that is rarely matched. He's an all around guy, not just a successful athlete.

    Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
    Male lifter is an easy one... JESSE NORRIS. Do I even have to mention what he accomplished? I got a lot of love for my boy Haack though and this may be a close one after RUM!! Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance

    Submitted by James C on
    [quote=JASON MANENKOFF]Male lifter is an easy one... JESSE NORRIS. Do I even have to mention what he accomplished? I got a lot of love for my boy Haack though and this may be a close one after RUM!! Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance[/quote] He did really well but takes second place to CYC IMO.

    Submitted by JASON MANENKOFF on
    Female lifter Kim Walford! IPF Pacific Challenge Invitational in Sydney, Australia. Squat 410, bench 242, deadlift 529 total 1181!!! at 147!!! Iron Arena Powerlifting & Performance

    Submitted by Eliot Feldman on
    What CYC accomplished in Denver was one of the greatest performances in the history of the sport. He squatted WR with ease. Had enough in his bench to have taken a shot at WR bench. He set European record in Deadlift (could've broken WR) and set Total WR. His lifts were set to break Squat and Total and win Best Lifter over Fedosienko, who went nearly 15x body-weight. He broke the existing Total record by 30kg. Wilks was 670. All his lifts were smooth and easy. An amazing performance.

    Submitted by grissinger on
    Female Susan Salazer, 1069 @123 highest female unequipped coefficient all-time. Male Dan Green

    Submitted by BillyMac on
    Male Geared CYC Norway (USA-Ian Bell WR Deadlift) Male RAW Fedosienko (USA- Ray Williams 1000k Total) Female RAW Kim Walford USA Female Geared Larysa from Ukraine (USA-Ribic- 2014 IPF Champ)

    Submitted by GaglioneStrength on
    Raw: Male: Jesse Norris Female: Kim Walford Raw with Wraps: Male: Dan Green Female: Susan Salazer Equipped: Male: Brian Carroll (for his come back) Female Laura Phelps John Gaglione Long Island Powerlifting & Sports Performance Educate Motivate Dominate

    Gaglione Strength Powerlifting

    Submitted by Sal Castagnaro on
    Male lifter - Dan Green Female - Kim Walford gym- Gaglione Strength 18 nationally ranked lifters and still more to come

    Submitted by rheta on
    Female Lifter: Kim Walford - she is the first female that comes to my mind, hands down. Her #1 all-time raw total at 148 is tremendously impressive, but it is not even the most impressive thing about her. She is also one of the most humble and hard working females I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Male Lifter: Ernie Lilliebridge - he broke Larry Pacifico's 198 total all-time world record that stood since 1976, holds the 198 all-time squat record, has really shot up to claim his powerlifting honorable rights. Powerlifting Gym: Hercules Gym, Syracuse, NY - Now, I may be biased since it is my gym but! We have 10 elite lifters, 4 true all-time world records, sponsored lifters, advocate for women's powerlifting, a gym spanning 38 years with several greats from powerlifting, bodybuilding and strongman passing through it's doors, and a very strong supporter of all that is powerlifting.