Animal Nation: Garrett “Gunz” Griffin

Create: 01/22/2013 - 20:55
Garrett “Gunz” Griffin is among the best raw bench pressers in the world. The New Orleans iron warrior sports a bodybuilder’s physique while also boasting some of the greatest feats of flat benching ever, including a raw 520 lb competition bench at 215 lbs, raw 500 lb competition lift at 207 lbs and a raw 490 lb bench at 196 lb bodyweight. All lifts done in legit competitions where it counts. His world records include the 198 lb APA raw bench press record. He’s also the 198 lb APF raw bench press American record holder. Gunz is currently ranked #1 in country in the raw bench press in the 198 and 220 lb weight classes. Griffin also claims a 1710 lb raw total at 197. Will he hit 550 at The Cage? The better question is, will you be there to see it?


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