Chuck Vogelpohl Video featuring the Powerpohl

Create: 08/05/2012 - 18:35
"The Powerpohl & Belt Squat combination is a violent exercise! My low back was smoked and my hamstrings were pushed to the limit. The next day there was soreness in the middle and upper back as well. This is a fantastic exercise for strength and dynamic stretching." - Mike Johnston, PT, CSCS


Submitted by Ken Ufford on
Interesting idea. About 15 years ago a guy I knew here in our area had a machine that had handles on the side like a DL or shrug machine. Then there was a belt squat type pully underneath and you would hook a yoke like that around the neck. It was the same principle to load the hips and legs with the upper back and torso. The yoke was attached to the pullys underneath and it was a smooth way to do it. I sold the machine not sure on how effective for me it was but a cool principal. I guess there is only so many ways to lift and most ideas have been tried. I am not sure where he got the idea but not sure it was his original idea. Ken Ufford

Submitted by NASH-T on
i've seen this done before about 7-8yrs ago. pretty sure the guy got the idea from somewhere else.

Submitted by jon landau on
Belt squats are a great way to train when I had lower back issues, never tried using weight on the front but I am sure that by hitting yourself with so many different angles and leverages, a "normal" squat must feel like a breeze after training with this type of apparatus. Best of luck bringing these into the marketplace. Its great that this was brought out by one of the best squatters of all time.