Metal Site Adds Arnold Pictures & Video

Create: 03/07/2007 - 16:35
Ano Turtiainen has posted a number of pictures and videos at his Metal gear website from the WPO Finals and World Record Bench Bash at the Arnold Classic. Videos include lifts by Turtiainen, Matt Kroczaleski, Chad Aichs, Tarja Rantanen, Jani Murtomäki, Scott Yard, and Ryan Kennelly.


Submitted by Richie "Vibes" Vee (not verified) on
Cool videos there. Does anybody know if there is a video of Andy Bolton's 550.5kg squat anywhere?

Submitted by Richie "Vibes" Vee (not verified) on
Ignore my above post, I've just seen the lift in the Andy Bolton medley on the Metal site... ...absolutely incredible!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Andy Bolton is absolutley incredible....insanely strong...pulling 903 like it's 225 and just to get 1008 off the ground after everything else he already did...the man is an animal. Now that being said, please do not try to sell what is being done there as a squat. It's a wide-stance good morning/butt dip that is AT LEAST 3" high...and I'm talking about Bolton's which everyone raved as "buried"...please!!! I give these guys all of the credit in the world for being strong, which they obviously are, and putting the kinds of weights on their backs that they do.....but they are by no means doing a squat!!