Lamar Gant

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Inducted into the IPF Hall of Fame in 1980, Lamar Gant is arguably one of the greatest American powerlifters of all time. Although obviously built to deadlift his first WR was a 297 lb bench press at 123 in 1977. In 1978 he set a deadlift record of 622 at 132 before his first 5 times bw pull of 617 against Precious McKenzie in 1979 @ a bw of 123. In 1985, he pulled 5 times bw in his 2nd division at 132 with a 661. He was also the first man to total 12X his bodyweight. He still holds the all time deadlift world record in both the 123 and 132 pound weight classes with 639 and 683.


Submitted by Emerson Biggens on
[quote=DNeuworth]if there was anyone that was born to deadlift, it was him[/quote] He has the perfect physique for deadlifting. I've never seen anyone that small with such a long wing-span. Check out the location of his hands when he's standing upright with the bar. His hands (and the bar) is at knee's length! Even the greatest deadlifters like Anello, Bolton, were not built like this. Lamar's legs are also a bit shorter which helps. Imagine Bolton or Anello deadlifting 5x bodyweight. Lamar is the greatest all-time deadlifter!

Submitted by jesseisrael on
The most amazing piece in Lamar's deadlifting was that he has scoliosis and his back looks like a snake.

Submitted by wcwaldron on
I've always enjoyed the old stories of the deadlifting freak Lamar Gant. I just hate that you can't really find any more video of him out there besides this one. If someone else has video of Gant PLEASE make it available.

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I'd like to see a video of one of his record bench presses. With those long arms, a bench press over double bodyweight - with no bench shirt - is almost as impressive as his deadlift.

Submitted by Wilmer on
Gant's combination, crazy training and fat free diet and no sticking point! what more can you ask for.... the best ever!