If Using, Should One Compete In Tested Federations?

Create: 12/07/2005 - 13:42
That's the question asked over at AnabolicMinds. The responses are unanimous at this point:

If your using that is your choice, but you shouldn't try to beat people who don't. Thats not a fair competition at all and how could you feel pride in your victory after that.

Dont do it.. its cheating. Do you really want to compete with a bunch of people that most likely are natural athaletes?

won't be much of a victory if you know you were taking something the others weren't.

No way. No question about it, thats cheating.

I wonder if it matters whether a drug tested federation has the perception that its lifters routinely violate usage rules. Does that make it okay for other non drug free lifters to also compete? Is this just a rationalization?


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I agree, don't do it. I don't use and would hate to get beat by someone who does, not that it has not already happened without my knowledge, lol. However, that being said I can understand how the elite men and women are tempted when they have to compete overseas and the testing is a little different.

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In my mind, it's tough to justify using and competing in drug tested federations. I know there are some that feel differently. Those are the people I'd really like to hear from. Either here or in the AnabolicMinds thread.