Video Of Ove Lehto's Finnish Record Squat

Create: 12/01/2006 - 07:15

Check out video of Ove Lehto squatting a Finnish superheavyweight record 425 kg / 935 pounds last weekend. Lehto also broke the superheavyweight Finnish record total with a 1,085 kg / 2,387 pound effort. That included the 425 kg / 935 pound squat, a 310 kg / 682 pound bench and 350 kg / 770 pound deadlift. The video also includes his successful squat at 417.5 kg / 919 pounds as well as Kenneth Sandvik squatting 390 kg / 858 pounds.


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good lifts. There really wasn't a lot of depth difference between those squats and the WPO ones though

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There was a lot of difference between those squats (especially the first two/the last one was borderline) and the We'll Pass One (WPO). Don't forget that they also walked out their squats and used single ply suits as well.

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yeasterday this guy did 330kg-245kg-340kg=915kg RAW in a meet he only use the belt....