Fortified Iron & Powerlifting Watch Team Up For Giveaway

Do a FREE set of bands sound good to you? I know, dumb question.
Well, Powerlifting Watch has teamed up with the new Fortified Iron Powerlifting Store to offer a FREE set of Starter Bands along with a John Davies Band Training DVD to one lucky visitor. All you have to do is register at Powerlifting Watch to be eligible to win. Those registering by January 1, 2006 will be entered into a random drawing to receive a FREE set of Starter Bands (includes the #1, #2 and # 3 band sets) from the new Fortified Iron Powerlifting Store. The good folks at Fortified Iron are also including a Band Training DVD by John Davies. The winner will be announced here on January 2.
The Fortified Iron Powerlifting Store has bars, bands, power racks, benches and more. Give them a visit.. you're sure to find something you need.


Submitted by chrisd on
I want me some bands. :) Give me some bands! :) Nice promotion by the way! Chris D.

Submitted by admin on
Thanks for the props on both accounts. Although a lot of the credit for the promotion should go to Kyle and Jason.

Submitted by admin on
I know the visitors to the site are excited about this promotion. They'll be happy to hear that they may have even more opportunities in the future to win great stuff.

Submitted by admin on
Thanks Geesh. You should register so that you can have a shot at the bands and the band training DVD.

Submitted by admin on
Keep the compliments coming, they may give you a better shot at winning.;) Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoy the site.