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Kevin OAK (220) RUM 8 Training337 sec ago
***** Attention Connecticut Powerlifters *****11 min ago
The Cage: On the Other Side #312 min ago
RUM VIII Roster76 hours ago
2014 Powerlifting Gym Of The Year57 hours ago
Brian Hopper | RUM8: Meet Prep | Week 7511 hours ago
Carl Yngvar Christensen is nominated as IWGA "Athlete of the Year" 123 hours ago
Brian Cain XPC prep 960 squat@213123 hours ago
Georgian powerlifter suspended for four years11 day ago
2014 Female Lifter Of The Year 81 day ago
2015 Sponsorship Contest Winners42 days ago
2015 APF Raw Nationals Entry Now Available12 days ago
Matt Phelps 525lbs bench with feet up @ 24022 days ago
Jeremy Hoornstra bench tutorial video23 days ago
Nikolay Bazanov RAW 822.5kg@105kg23 days ago
Yarnell Marks Back in Action23 days ago
Big Tone squats 1025 13 days ago
Mike Lucia 720 Raw Squat @ 19313 days ago
Brandon Allen - 2015 American Cup Deadlift Opener13 days ago
Powerlifting Australia - IPF 2015 Suspension List Updated34 days ago
Derek Kendall W/ Monster Squats!!44 days ago
BEAST: 874lb raw squat w/wraps24 days ago
Tee Cummins: 2005 @242 Raw w/wraps24 days ago
Huck Finn works up to a 800lb Raw Squat @ 225lbs24 days ago
Conyers 1640 @ 156!!!!!145 days ago
2014 Male Lifter Of The Year235 days ago
Jim Phraner - Training for USPA Redbrick to Support our Troops - 865lbs26 days ago
Wireless, LED Based, Referee Lights56 days ago
Manenkoff Final Preps for RUM VIII91 week ago
Brandon Cass Uncharted Territory 91 week ago
Frank Ball 585 3 board preparing for All American bench championships41 week ago
What type of lifter are you?171 week ago
Team Unbreakable Gear- "JessiCatts" Jessica Belt is ready for the LA Fit Expo 11 week ago
1/19 LEROY WALKER REPS 505X5 on INCLINE21 week ago
Arnold At The XPC Finals21 week ago
Nick Weite at the USAPL Iowa Open Powerlifting Championships21 week ago
Idan Alkoby Prepares For the GPA Israel Nationals11 week ago
Gracie Vanasse Prepares For Battle21 week ago
2014 APF Bent Bar Invitational Results11 week ago
Freddi Smulter benchpress 23 repetitions with 200 kilos (440 lbs)82 weeks ago
Mexican Day of the Deadlift Parte Uno12 weeks ago
Back To The Basics Friday Night Iron Session12 weeks ago
Outstanding Lifting at the NASA Tennessee Regionals!12 weeks ago
RUM8 training--800x1 Squat @220 Raw w/wraps32 weeks ago
Huck Finn 525 close grip Raw Bench/605 Slanger Bench@225lbs 32 weeks ago
THE WOMEN OF RUM32 weeks ago
Nominations To Begin142 weeks ago’s Annual Get Sponsored Contest "Only 48 hours left to enter"!!!22 weeks ago
Jill Mills Aims For 165 Squat Record32 weeks ago
Desiree Morgan Preps For Fit Expo12 weeks ago
Eric Liliebridge 905 Raw Squat at 308!32 weeks ago
Bar Benders on the Bay Recap12 weeks ago
JP Carroll - 865lb Squat Sleeves Only12 weeks ago
Sergio Luna 560 Squat w/ Wraps12 weeks ago
Eddie Hall 881 lbs x 5 deadlift RAW 32 weeks ago
Cass Finally 900!!!!42 weeks ago
RUM8 training--715 Beltless deadlift @22033 weeks ago
JP Carroll: Hard work pays off 13 weeks ago
Do You Have the Courage to be Great? By Chad Smith 13 weeks ago
Kuzmin Alexey RAW total 770.5kg (1698lbs) @83kg 23 weeks ago
Interview with Ed Coan 43 weeks ago
LeRoy The Machine Walker Trains for The Fit Expo13 weeks ago
BEAST: 850lbs for 2 reps raw w/wraps13 weeks ago
2014 1st Annual Midwest Powerfest13 weeks ago
BJ Whitehead Up to 765!13 weeks ago
Shae Jones Training Session13 weeks ago
Favorite Single Ply Bench Shirts123 weeks ago
USPA Coach Certification Course participants receive NSCA CEU credits23 weeks ago
Susan Salazar Prepares For Fit Expo33 weeks ago
Brandon Cass MONSTER PR 885 Deadlift!!!!43 weeks ago
The 220lb CLASS RAW & CLASSIC ARE STACKED53 weeks ago
Matt Claussen 495x1 Spoto Press13 weeks ago
Eric Lilliebridge 870 Training Squat W/O Wraps! 34 weeks ago
The Overall Best Company, Products and Customer Service44 weeks ago
John Haack: 425 Bench and 695 Deadlift RUM Prep34 weeks ago
Nomination for the «Super-Cup of Titans 2015»14 weeks ago
Hoornstra Shoulders !14 weeks ago
Dennis Cornelius 2131 at 275 !44 weeks ago
LeRoy THE MACHINE Walker Gym bombs 605 raw incline34 weeks ago
Brandon Cass 220 700x10 reps dl raw44 weeks ago
Brandon Cass Rips 845!14 weeks ago
RUM 8 UPDATE34 weeks ago
USAPL Ohio Meeting14 weeks ago
Best way to train for single ply34 weeks ago
Marshall Freakshow Johnson 1102lb Squat55 weeks ago
Yarnell Marks USPA Squat Training25 weeks ago
Will the newly set raw 181lb total fall at Rum?65 weeks ago
Becky Rich Back On The Platform!25 weeks ago
Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate / PAVA (Power Against Violence & Abuse) to Donate $1000!25 weeks ago
Andrej Mostovenko New All-Time Record 787,5kg/1736lbs @ 81,8/180 bw RAW15 weeks ago
Ron Hale Passed Away 12/8/1435 weeks ago
BEAST: 810lbs for 3 reps raw w/wraps35 weeks ago
Aleksey Nikulin All Time 738 Squat at 181 In Just Wraps!25 weeks ago
RUM8 training--760x2 Squat @220 Raw w/wraps: Tee Cummins25 weeks ago
New ALL Time World Record Squat and total 2028lbs (920kg) @90kg Ernie Lilliebridge JR 35 weeks ago