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IPL World Champion James Strickland preps for LA FitExpo 2016110 hours ago
Panttila Power Talk at the IPL Worlds: Steve Goggins110 hours ago
Belkin Yuriy deadlift RAW 367. 5 kg110 hours ago
News from the USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown: Bianca Villoch kills it 110 hours ago
News from the USPA-FL Thanksgiving Throwdown: Geoffrey Shaffer hits a 745kg total110 hours ago
Stacy Hardwicke New USPA Matsers Bench Record122 hours ago
Renee Gracia breaks the 1000 barrier 122 hours ago
Greg Baxter IPL Worlds Performance422 hours ago
HaeMee Dai breaks the top 10 in the 105's122 hours ago
THE PLATFORM: A Powerlifting Story21 day ago
Tee Cummings squats 799lbs at the 220lbs class on the Load the Bar Champioship21 day ago
Sarychev Kirill bench press RAW 335kg/ 738lbs - NEW All Time Record72 days ago
Panttila Power Talk at the IPL Worlds: Susan Salazar12 days ago
Matt Phelps Border Patrol World Police and Fire Games Video12 days ago
Matt Wenning with a new DVD on methodology and programming for strength training12 days ago
WABDL® – WORLD BP & DL CHAMPIONSHIPS – 2015- Live! starting 17th13 days ago
Blake Hudson preparing for the USPA All American Powerlifting meet in Oklahoma - the 2016 record breaking race has begun!13 days ago
Gaishinetc Sergei total 862,5kg@74kg, EC 201513 days ago
New Knee Wraps For Meet?14 days ago
Vincent Pachuta Preps for WNPF @ 18114 days ago
Nathan Daveson pulled 352.5kg at 118kg for a 900kg total at Pro Raw 714 days ago
Rob Da’Savage Hall goes over a Grand Raw at the IPL Worlds!24 days ago
News from the IPL Worlds: Bernice Fuss, from Canada, brings home 2 world records15 days ago
Susan Salazar breaks another all time deadlift and total record on the Reebok Record Breakers15 days ago
Tom Martin totals - 890kg / 1962lb total at 99.35kg / 219lb at the 2015 GPC British Nationals15 days ago
Podcast #24 – Interview with Ryan Celli15 days ago
Coaching your kid: how to manage being a parent and a coach 15 days ago
Goliath: the giant rises15 days ago
[eng subs] Dmitry Inzarkin, post competition interview IPF Worlds 201515 days ago
Yarnell Marks Prepares for January USPA Meet15 days ago
"Adventurous Amputee" Vaughan Chambers of Raw Unity Barbell in Tampa Training for Her 1st Powerlifting Meet15 days ago
Markos Markopoulos: ProRawSeven After thoughts and Write Up...15 days ago
IPL Worlds News: Kimberly Kim, from Texas, wins her class competing for the first time15 days ago
Video of the Cup of St.Petersburg 15 days ago
Mindy Underwood totals over 1,200 and hits a 303 bench!!!11 week ago
Tom Deebel, 640 Deadlift, 52 Years Old, 196 BW31 week ago
Billy Fanska benches 425lbs raw at the IPL BP & DL Worlds and breaks World record61 week ago
Jim Phraner hits 804lb Bench in Single Ply11 week ago
News from the IPF Worlds: Hjelmveit pulls 375kg in the 120kg class11 week ago
News from the IPL Worlds: Bernice Fuss, from Canada, brings home 2 world records11 week ago
Introducing British Strength Magazine, the free online magazine for powerlifters & strength athletes11 week ago
Jackie Mojica of Raw Unity Barbell Wins Best Female Lifter Award at Raw United's TCE21 week ago
RUM sponsorship opportunities: companies have more options and higher ROI21 week ago
Strong Lifts - episode 4: footage from big names on the game11 week ago
Casey Walker 11 yrs old wins 105 lb class11 week ago
IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships 2015 - world record lifts11 week ago
Mark Bell hit 578 Raw at 269!11 week ago
Tee Cummins: 760x3 Raw Squat w/wraps--PR (220)11 week ago
Basic Rules and Regulations of Powerlifting: Director Accountability101 week ago
Jenny Tu squats 358lbs in the 63kg class at the USAPL Wild West Invitational11 week ago
Mike Armour totals 1705lbs at the Tony Conyers Extravaganza in Tampa on the 8th of November32 weeks ago
Raw Unity Barbell Club Wins Its First Team Trophy at Raw United's TCE22 weeks ago
Jeff Frank squats 1155lbs at Relentless Detroit and rises to 7th all time best52 weeks ago
Yuki Fukishima benching 710lbs, single ply, on the 182lbs class22 weeks ago
Jennifer Lecates Hesters wins her class at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships22 weeks ago
What the Hell Do Geared Powerlifters Know About Strength?22 weeks ago
Jesse Norris: Unbelievable !22 weeks ago
Ari Kutin Performs at the RAW Worlds22 weeks ago
Kelly Lovan appointed USPA State Records Chair for Iowa12 weeks ago
Fresh video of the Russian National Powrlifting Team's workout22 weeks ago
21 year old Jesse Anderson Squats 931lbs at the CSA Reebok Record Breakers (SPF)12 weeks ago
IPF World Open Championships Hamm, Luxembourg 9 − 15 November, 2015- Live!12 weeks ago
Cardell Oliver is best lifter at the USPA American Open22 weeks ago
"COACHES CORNER: Why do you wear the shoes you wear for deadlifts?"12 weeks ago
Rob Philippus prepares for LA Fit Expo: 705 x3 raw squat, last work set week 8 10/31/1522 weeks ago
Liz Freel: Induction into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame12 weeks ago
INCREDIBLE “Top 20” performances at the recent GPC Worlds!!!!!12 weeks ago
Gary Panttila talks about multi-tasking in powerlifting: broadcaster, athlete and coach12 weeks ago
3rd Annual USAPL Powerlifting for Pink - TODAY, November 712 weeks ago
The Golden Rule of Lifting Weights12 weeks ago
Garrett Griffin totals 1807lbs at 206lbs bodyweight without wraps at the USPA Battle of Beast12 weeks ago
The 2015 International Powerlifting League Powerlifting World Championship roster12 weeks ago
James Strickland wins his class and best lifter award on his third lift at the IPL Bench Press and Deadlift Worlds (265kg)12 weeks ago
Colorado Lifters Shine at NASA Regionals on October 24th!12 weeks ago
World Open Powerlifting Championships from 9-15 november in Hamm, Luxembourg12 weeks ago
Female specificities? Think again: they are not what you think12 weeks ago
Stoyan Andreev pulling 400 kg /881 lbs @113,4kg bw22 weeks ago
Will Hobbs squats 670lbs raw with wraps at the Powerlifting Association's Grand Prix Nationals12 weeks ago
Vince Scelfo Sets AAPF National Records and Gets Best Lightweight Lifter In Michigan APF Fall Open12 weeks ago
Eugene Fair preparing for the "Bend the bar" USPA meet in Texas12 weeks ago
One Day I Will Conquer, Until Then I Strive22 weeks ago
Monique Jackson: New All Time World Records at 148!!53 weeks ago
The IPL grants its 4th Aaron Grissinger Memorial Junior Award 13 weeks ago
USPA Battle of the Bay II, by Gorilla Bench13 weeks ago
Justin Caputo Prepares For Another Assault on the Squat Record!13 weeks ago
Russian Women's National Team on powerlifting 201513 weeks ago
Amanda Alcott McMullen wins her class and best lifter at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships33 weeks ago
Abner Ivan Nazario deadlifts 300kg at 81.7kg at the IPL World Bench Press and Deadlift Championships23 weeks ago
Chris McMullen breaks the WR twice at the IPL Bench Press and Deadlift Worlds23 weeks ago
"Raw Challenge", sanctioned by the USAPL, filled in seven minutes13 weeks ago
750 Deadlift at Desoto Crossfit (Tee Cummins)13 weeks ago
Greg Baxter over 60 yrs old pulls 529x5!!!63 weeks ago
October 2015 Georgia ABC Event Highlights13 weeks ago
Matt a phelps 550 paused @ 245 BW + bustin moves13 weeks ago
Belkin Yuriy deadlift 380kg*2 and 400kg @ 105kg13 weeks ago
Videos from the "Night of the Living Dead" by Robert Lee13 weeks ago
Maine teen beats anorexia, becomes dedicated powerlifter13 weeks ago
West Cary Barbell Combo Racks Are Back!33 weeks ago
Mark Bell's Road to a 606 Bench Press: 575 lbs looks good53 weeks ago