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Tom "Huck" Finn works up to 585lb raw bench t/g @ 226lbs352 min ago
Jezza Uepa New IPF WR squat and All-time drug tested Raw Squat!49 hours ago
Newcomer: Dr. Paul Buschman217 hours ago
Powerlifting bench training video featuring Larry Williams and Kevin Okolie120 hours ago
Brian Siders Tribute Video321 hours ago
Powerlifter Solhipouravanji exacts revenge over rival at Incheon 2014121 hours ago
Dustin Slepicka Hits 1,102 Single Ply Squat!171 day ago
Powerlifting Watch adds Rankings by Formula!71 day ago
Nick Weite Pulling 805 X 241 day ago
BEAST VISION: 407.5lb raw bench for 8 reps (Legs up) 31 day ago
IPC Powerlifting and equipment provider Eleiko announce historic partnership11 day ago
Introducing The WEST COAST HEAVY HITTERS 5X10 @405 Flat/Incline 100 Reps Bp @Metroflex LBC 11 day ago
Zahir Khudayarov 947 x 2 !!!102 days ago
Derek Kendall 2,226 No wraps!112 days ago
SPF Masters 40-44 220LB National Record Total broken at Arkansas State Championships 22 days ago
Orlando Barbell's April Harper hits huge PRs at the APF Southern States 32 days ago
Powerlifting world records tumble at the 2014 Asian Para Games12 days ago
Kimberly Walford 1,181 @148!! 73 days ago
Final IPF Worlds Nominations23 days ago
William Tenerelli Pulls %100 Raw National Record53 days ago
April Mathis Another World Record!53 days ago
Nov. 22nd Stars and Stripes Deadline!13 days ago
Two powerlifting world records smashed at Asian Para Games13 days ago
Mel Zupec- 900lbs Raw at 132lbs23 days ago
IPA Ohio Grand Prix Daniel Bell 2200 Total33 days ago
USAPL Georgia & Southern States Match-Ups!13 days ago
Relentless Detroit: 10 yr old Hunter Luyando74 days ago
Melissa Reyes #144 days ago
Jeff Frank SHW 2,419lbs total Single Ply44 days ago
BEAST: 405lbs for 6 reps 7 weeks after bicep surgery115 days ago
James Hickey Training Session15 days ago
Mark "Chainman" Ferris Breaks The All Time Over 50 Record31 week ago
Shannon Thompson @ Raw United31 week ago
Henry Thomason 2280 @ 308 Single Ply - USPA Ross Shreves Powerlifting Classic 10/11/14 31 week ago
Shae Jones Back in Top Shape!51 week ago
Lifter Rankings Update221 week ago
New Comer: Danielle Diesel21 week ago
Kevin Robinson National Performance11 week ago
Mark Bell's PowerCast #59 "AKA Kim Valentine" - Guest Kim Tran | SuperTraining.TV 11 week ago
SPF Gaglione Strength Christmas Clash for Cash 21 week ago
TEXAS TEENAGE Powerlifting ALL-STARS @ USPA Ross Shreves Classic 10/11/14 11 week ago
Stas Milostnoy HUGE Bench21 week ago
Gunel Talybova WPC World Cup Prep21 week ago
Jordan Wong Meet Prep31 week ago
2014 MDFPA National Championships at The Pit11 week ago
Shana Ratcliff Big Time Squat!11 week ago
Chris Pappilion: Judge throws out evidence in powerlifter's case 121 week ago
Gracie Vanasse- Full Gear Squats into Chain 11 week ago
Pete Rubish Back At It!21 week ago
Lara Sturm wins IPF Masters World Championships11 week ago
Western Canadian Powerlifting Championship Results11 week ago
Western European Championship Footage11 week ago
Jason Manenkoff Readies For A Shot At All Time52 weeks ago
Charly Joung - SPF North Myrtle Beach Classic - 1800 @ 22032 weeks ago
Brandon Cass, 775 x 2 Raw Squat 32 weeks ago
Daniel Bell squats 90532 weeks ago
Sumo Vs Conventional?42 weeks ago
Ano Turtiainen training with the elitefts team..22 weeks ago
Henry Thomason 308 (Sp) @ SPF Arkansas State Powerlifting Meet 10/04/14 12 weeks ago
Steve "M.O.S." Mann DL PR Triple 645 plus accesories 22 weeks ago
Tom Martin 771 lb Deadlift - British Classic 32 weeks ago
Nick Weite Squats 855 Singply42 weeks ago
Tom Kallas works up to 700lb squat. (Competes 165/181 raw with wraps)32 weeks ago
Team Lilliebridge's JP Carroll works up to 965lb squat12 weeks ago
International Powerlifting League (IPL) and World Powerlifting Union (WPU) Announcement 12 weeks ago
Eric Lilliebridge 955lbs/433kgs x 3 82 weeks ago
Rebecca Roberts: Come Back Complete42 weeks ago
Raw Ranking Rules Update132 weeks ago
Chris Duffin Squats 4x Body weight!!!52 weeks ago
Mel Zupec- 2 weeks out from IPA Ohio Grand Prix12 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Rich Justice & Tone Barbaccio!!!!!12 weeks ago
Robert Wilkerson, 605 Close Grip Bench Press 32 weeks ago
Red Team Powerlifting GPA Worlds Training 8 weeks out12 weeks ago
New PLW Sponsor: Rock's Discount Vitamins -N- More 12 weeks ago
Roger Ryan W/ a 760 Bench at 58!63 weeks ago
Cass Squats!23 weeks ago
April Shumaker hits 953 to win the Olympia - sets eye on 1000lb total53 weeks ago
Lance Ross 805 x 2 Reps at 51!!63 weeks ago
Chad Wesley Smith With 805!23 weeks ago
Eastlink Magazine Powerlifting 13 weeks ago
Jezza 228.5 KG Bench Press for a Triple @ Iron Underground Powerlifting, Brisbane 13 weeks ago
Jezza 881 lb RAW Squat at Iron Underground Powerlifting Brisbane 43 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Reggie Dukes & David Elmore!!!!!23 weeks ago
"Big on the Basics": Beyond The Deadlift with Jay Nera 13 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Bobby Jack "BJ" Whitehead!!!33 weeks ago
Zahir Khudayaro Squats 859 for 3 Reps!! 13 weeks ago
Eric Lilliebridge : 850 Dead53 weeks ago
Pat Susco All Time WR Squat of 700!33 weeks ago
MONSTER GARAGE GYM: Steve Brock 960LB Squat 43 weeks ago
Kevin OAK 703 Lb x 333 weeks ago
Eric Lilliebridge Powerlifting Motivation - THE UNSTOPPABLE BEAST 13 weeks ago
Strength Talk Interviews Daniel Tinajero Sept 28th5pm PST, 8pm EST13 weeks ago
Team Unstoppable Force Powerlifting13 weeks ago
Tara Green Squats 540lbs @ The Olympia Ranking her #1 single ply @ 18144 weeks ago
Monique Jackson's Olympia 518 Pull54 weeks ago
Ellen Stein at The Olympia34 weeks ago
Chad Kalilimoku 601 Raw Bench!24 weeks ago
Tom Kallas works up to 675x2 squat and almost dies44 weeks ago