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Zahir Khudayaro Squats 859 for 3 Reps!! 15 hours ago
Lance Ross 805 x 2 Reps at 51!!15 hours ago
Chad Wesley Smith With 805!15 hours ago
Eric Lilliebridge : 850 Dead513 hours ago
Pat Susco All Time WR Squat of 700!321 hours ago
MONSTER GARAGE GYM: Steve Brock 960LB Squat 421 hours ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Reggie Dukes & David Elmore!!!!!121 hours ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Bobby Jack "BJ" Whitehead!!!221 hours ago
Kevin OAK 703 Lb x 332 days ago
Jezza 881 lb RAW Squat at Iron Underground Powerlifting Brisbane 32 days ago
Eric Lilliebridge Powerlifting Motivation - THE UNSTOPPABLE BEAST 12 days ago
Strength Talk Interviews Daniel Tinajero Sept 28th5pm PST, 8pm EST13 days ago
Team Unstoppable Force Powerlifting13 days ago
Tara Green Squats 540lbs @ The Olympia Ranking her #1 single ply @ 18144 days ago
Monique Jackson's Olympia 518 Pull54 days ago
Ellen Stein at The Olympia34 days ago
Chad Kalilimoku 601 Raw Bench!24 days ago
Tom Kallas works up to 675x2 squat and almost dies44 days ago
5th Annual APA Ironfest Challenge24 days ago
Return of Rebecca!44 days ago
Gary Grissinger 52 y/o wins 242 class pulling 744 @226.5 at USPA Mr Olympia deadlift championships.35 days ago
Shana Ratcliff 290 for 7 Deadlift!25 days ago
Norris 821 Deadlift!!95 days ago
Dominick Matrana Wins with 881 Deadlift85 days ago
Scott Mecham bench presses 800 lbs at the Olympia25 days ago
Louie Simmons At STA Sports Performance16 days ago
Derek Kendall 848 For 3!46 days ago
Pat Susco 675 @ 62 Yrs Old!!46 days ago
Jp Carroll works up to 905 raw squat 31 week ago
Unbreakable Gear Lifters brought their Best at the Olympia!!!11 week ago
Michigan APF Fall Open - Three Weeks Out11 week ago
Biruk Vladimir total 1050kg@105.6kg11 week ago
Orlando Barbell Squats11 week ago
Pappillion and Maryana Naumova @ Olympia11 week ago
Gracie V Pulls 451!11 week ago
Joseph Stockinger 429 Deadlift @ 67.5kg (84 years old) !!!!31 week ago
Michael Bales Cracks the Top 2011 week ago
Andrey Malanichev - 380kg x 3 reps 10 weeks out41 week ago
Chris Duffin and Dr. Philip Snell discuss Powerlifting with lumbar spine issues41 week ago
Bradley McKlure 468 Bench at 181!21 week ago
Max's first sumo session, coached by Ed Coan 31 week ago
Singles vs. reps- By Brian Carroll21 week ago
Henry Thomason - Raw Squat Training 9/16/14 (walked out ) 650 - 800 lbs. w/ Wraps 11 week ago
Kim Tran In Training11 week ago
Mark Greenstein totals 1900 at 220 raw61 week ago
Raw Unity 8 Update #111 week ago
Team Unbreakable Gear Lifters are ready for Olympia21 week ago
Orlando Barbell APF/AAPF Southern States Championship21 week ago
Odell Manual squats 400kg ProRawSix21 week ago
Henry Thomason - RAW & Single Ply Bench Press Training 9/14/1411 week ago
Unbreakable Gear comes out with their own line of Wraps!!! 11 week ago
Chris Pappillion OlympiaTraining31 week ago
Hoornstra Squats52 weeks ago
USPA Meet Standards | The Deadlift | The Dirty Gym - 2014 22 weeks ago
Jordi Snijders WEC Powerlifting 2014 940 KG (2072 lbs)12 weeks ago
Henry Thomason 308 - XPC Arnold Classic Qualifier 9/6/14 - SQ 1125x & 1165x lbs. 92 weeks ago
Pro Raw 6- Some results12 weeks ago
2014 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals Recap 12 weeks ago
7 Weeks till the 5th Annual APA Ironfest Challenge12 weeks ago
NASA Man of Steel Winners Revealed!!12 weeks ago
NASA Open Nationals Was The Place To Be!12 weeks ago
Higa 515 lbs x 12 reps squats12 weeks ago
BJ Whitehead Squats!12 weeks ago
Western European Championships 2014 - Live!12 weeks ago
BIG BENCH FREEWAYS: 315 to the 505!!!!22 weeks ago
XPTV WPC Teaser12 weeks ago
534x2 Brittany Pryor Deadlift Training 9.3 12 weeks ago
78 yr old Dr. Tom Sisk gets 300.9 raw bench at APC America Cup82 weeks ago
Derek Wilcox @194 Squats a Grand52 weeks ago
Vincent Curth 771 Squat 83kg class Miss72 weeks ago
New sponsored athlete, Kevin "Oak" Okolie22 weeks ago
Henry Thomason - RAW Powerlifting Bench Press Training 9/9/14 32 weeks ago
Megan Doyle Training22 weeks ago
"Coming Through" : Larry Williams13 weeks ago
Ivan Podrez: "Do not expect it to be so easy!"23 weeks ago
Great Plains Regional Powerlifting Championship33 weeks ago
22nd Street Barbell Team in Action!23 weeks ago
Reminder to Connecticut area powerlifters!!!13 weeks ago
Powerlifting Overseas13 weeks ago
Ben Moore 2072 @308 Raw/ wraps53 weeks ago
Ian Bell New IPF World Record63 weeks ago
New USPA Powerlifting Shows at the Expos!23 weeks ago
Michael Rodriguez, IPF Sub-Jr world record squats 357.5 kg (804 lbs)13 weeks ago
Brett Gibbs, 355.5 kilo IPF Jr-world record Squat 13 weeks ago
Brandon Cass Pulls 83013 weeks ago
Wes Keith 1570 at 181 Raw/wraps!23 weeks ago
Exson Rodriguez @ Treasure Coast Classic33 weeks ago
Jona Leo 377.5 kg. & Blaine Sumner 380.5 kg. Benchpress 13 weeks ago
Can't we all just get along? 43 weeks ago
Mike McGivern 1,685 @180 Raw with Wraps83 weeks ago
HIGA MONSTER 500 lbs squats x 10 reps 13 weeks ago
Brandon Cass 815 Squat!23 weeks ago
LS McLain's day at Bench Nationals63 weeks ago
XPC Arnold Powerlifting Classic Qualifier 2014 - Plano Texas 13 weeks ago
2014 USPF Regional Champioships23 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Lakesha Manning!23 weeks ago
Howlett vs. Manuel - GPA Worlds 201414 weeks ago
Dan Green and Garrett Griffin @ Skiba's14 weeks ago