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Eric Lilliebridge 1,080kgs-2,380.9lbs All-Time World Record Raw total w/ wraps @ 275lbs 638 min ago
Animal Seminar: Andrey Malanichev, Part 3 19 hours ago
Layne Norton wins USAPL Nationals 93Kg class!522 hours ago
Mark Miller Hits 2100 at 275 Raw/ wraps322 hours ago
Kimberly C. Walford captures the 72Kg class at USAPL Nationals!722 hours ago
Shannon Nash sets new raw ALL TIME AMERICAN RECORD BENCH41 day ago
Caleb Williams Scores An American Record Clean and Jerk!41 day ago
1920 Total @242 Raw w/wraps: Tee Cummins11 day ago
John Haack 1708lb total at 181-Drug-Tested All-Time World Record11 day ago
Gunz, Savage & Bossi All Go 500+ at Middleweight Kings of the Bench X11 day ago
Micah Marino 1660 @ 165!251 day ago
Loma Amore Pulls 360 @ 6171 day ago
Max Misch Climbing The Ladder42 days ago
3rd Annual CanAm Bench Press Championship Complete!12 days ago
Ellen Stein Still Moving Strong!42 days ago
Tom Murray Presses 551!13 days ago
USAPL Raw Nationals - Watch Live (Thursday - Sunday)53 days ago
Price of the Platform34 days ago
Road to Redemption: Emilio Paez15 days ago
Heavyweight Highlights, Kings of the Bench 15 days ago
Jeremy Hoornstra Up to 675!336 days ago
Richard Rizzo 1455 @ 181 Second meet!16 days ago
Kevin OAK 2,002.5 Lb Total Raw w/Wraps @ 233 lbs.36 days ago
661 lbs x 4 Raw Squat @ 165 - Arkady Shaloha (300*4@75 kgs)41 week ago
USPA National Championships- Live (Friday - Sunday)11 week ago
UPA Iron Battle on the Miss- Live! ( Saturday & Sunday )11 week ago
Dom Minnici Totals 2000 Raw at 308 RPS Heatwave Raw 51 week ago
GPC Finland Summer Bench and Deadlift bash!11 week ago
BJ Whitehead Bench Press Sequence 11 week ago
Manenkoff Hits 41571 week ago
Vincent Dizenzo benches 900 at 27551 week ago
How much protein do you REALLY need? 11 week ago
Kirill Sarychev. Battle of Champions 2014. Post competition interview. 11 week ago
Europe's largest sports festival "Golden Tiger - VIII"11 week ago
BJ Whitehead 705 Deadlift 11 week ago
Beau Moore 545 At 48131 week ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Eva Dunbar!!!!!21 week ago
15 yr Old Cody Coldwell Sets WPC Records51 week ago
Official Line Up: Kings of the Bench X11 week ago
The CAGE: "Brotherhood" (2014) 11 week ago
Idan Elkouby Deadlift Training 11 week ago
Animal Seminar: Andrey Malanichev, Part 2 12 weeks ago
Interview: Powerlifting Coach Boris Sheiko12 weeks ago
BJ Whitehead Squat Training22 weeks ago
JP Carroll Meet Prep - Squats 22 weeks ago
INCREDIBLE RAW PERFORMANCES at the 2014 GPC Australia Nationals!!!!!32 weeks ago
730x3 Tee Cummins12 weeks ago
The Power of Lifting by the Best in Texas12 weeks ago
Robert De La Rosa 1900 @ 24232 weeks ago
Crowell totals 1719@198 at CPF Nationals 42 weeks ago
Maryana Naumova benchs 140kg @ 67.2kg32 weeks ago
Legendary Puller Charlie Driscoll32 weeks ago
Two powerlifters suspended for Anti-Doping Rule violations52 weeks ago
BEAST: 855lb squat for 2 reps PR32 weeks ago
Dan Green pulls 1004 in training52 weeks ago
Vintage Footage Hawaii World Record Breakers 1985!32 weeks ago
Overkill Sponsors Pappillion: Also Training Footage22 weeks ago
Jay Nera in-depth squat tutorial video22 weeks ago
675 lb Raw Deadlift @ 242 & 19 Years Old 62 weeks ago
Kevin OAK 801 Lb Squat Raw w/Wraps @231 lbs RPS HeatWave Training 23 weeks ago
The Cage: "Brotherhood" Chapter II 13 weeks ago
Tom Kallas Breaks All Time Raw Wrapped Record Squat! 677 @ 165!!!33 weeks ago
NASA Ohio State Championships on April 19th Was HUGE!!!13 weeks ago
Eva Dunbar Hits 485 Wilks Points!13 weeks ago
2014 IPA Strength Spectacular Powerlifting and Bench Press Footage13 weeks ago
USPA Will Now Offer Voluntary Drug Testing173 weeks ago
Caputo Training For RPS Pen State13 weeks ago
RIP- Jim Lem33 weeks ago
586.5 lb Raw Bench @ 217 lbs - New All-Time WR - Kahuta (266 @ 98.4 kgs) 23 weeks ago
Meg Holliday Wins @ 105 NASA Nationals13 weeks ago
892@228 lb Raw Deadlift - New All-time WR - Pozdeev (405@103.5 kgs)23 weeks ago
“Battle of Champions-2014″. Results.163 weeks ago
Mecham benches 355kg (782) @ 110kg (242)!13 weeks ago
Battle of Champions 2014 - warm up room - Deadlift13 weeks ago
903 lb / 410 kg Raw Deadlift - Kokylaev 53 weeks ago
MONSTAS Prep For There 1st Powerlifting Meet33 weeks ago
Profiles in Power #3: Shawn Bellon13 weeks ago
Battle of Champions 2014 warm up room - Bench Press 13 weeks ago
UPA IL new meet series announcement14 weeks ago
Tee Cummins: 1901@220 Raw w/wraps54 weeks ago
Sarychev Kirill 326 kg - Battle of Champions 2014114 weeks ago
Lisa Rothman Goes Raw: Total Raw!64 weeks ago
185,5 kg unequipped squat @68,15 kg - Ana Castellain - IPF World Championships (world record) 24 weeks ago
300 kg raw squat @93 kg - Mikhaylo Bulanyy - IPF World Championships (world record) 44 weeks ago
Andrey Belyaev (Russia) 395kg (870.8lb), b/w 89.9kg (198.1 lb) RAW !!!64 weeks ago
Jacob Stratton 6/17/14 NEW KILLSHOT! 64 weeks ago
Roy Apseloff and Nick Apseloff, Father and Son, Break Deadlift and Bench Press World Records14 weeks ago
BEAST: 805lb squat for 3 reps44 weeks ago
Another Best Lifter- Marks!14 weeks ago
Dustin Leibfried Training Footage14 weeks ago
All About Powerlifting Released14 weeks ago
USAPL MEN'S (TEEN, JUNIOR, OPEN) NATIONALS - JUNE 20-22- Live!14 weeks ago
Introducing the KETTLESHELL 64 weeks ago
BP 1.33 bodyweight for 37reps, Nikolay Sokolov celebrates N1 at WPC European Championship14 weeks ago
Animal Seminar: Andrey Malanichev Part 1 14 weeks ago
Steroids: The Birth of a Demon14 weeks ago
Kristy Scott Breaks New Ground!54 weeks ago
372,5kg (821) raw deadlift @92,25kg (203) - Krzysztof Wierzbicki's world record pull15 weeks ago