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Should keep track of the Sub-Master division ?857 min ago
NW Summer Heat Powerlifting Championship - Raw | Raw w/Wraps | Multiply16 hours ago
Wilmington, NC Strength Seminar- *CANCELLED*210 hours ago
Jaisyn Mike 1901 Raw @ 308!511 hours ago
LIVE Roster Reveal: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 @ 8:00pm EST118 hours ago
Live Broadcast "Super-Cup of Titans 2015"118 hours ago
Gage Smith, 11 yrs old 290 Deadlift!31 day ago
Ben Moore totals 2105lbs at 308lbs in Springfield!51 day ago
Brett Gibbs 3 lift Powerlifting - 19days before world champs11 day ago
WPC Finnish Nationals Video11 day ago
Blaine Sumner The USAPL BIG Man!52 days ago
Freddi Smulter World Champion and WR at the IPF32 days ago
2015 APF Raw Nationals - 3 Weeks Out!12 days ago
Kodama and Fukushima IPF World Records53 days ago
Craig Koffler, 515 Raw Bench Press at 198 BW23 days ago
2015 BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS – APRIL 25th & 26th 13 days ago
Europe's largest power sports festival "Golden Tiger - IX15 days ago
Ian Bell 2,132 @ The USAPL Nationals!15 days ago
Tee Cummins 820 Training Squat26 days ago
Lindsey Craft Back On The Ranks!26 days ago
ICG's Willis McCoy moves up the 148 Masters Rankings list after USPA outing.61 week ago
60 years old Pat Mason benches 305 raw @ 147 .lbs41 week ago
Jim Hall Totals 1085 Raw at age 71 31 week ago
Tom Finn 523 Bench @ 198!11 week ago
Tom Kallas Breaks New Ground!11 week ago
Larodrick "DEBO" Duncan 805LB Squat No Wraps, No Sleeves SPF Little Rock 51 week ago
Janel Vegter New world Record!11 week ago
Madvig on The USAPL Raw Nationals51 week ago
Kirk Dean pulls #1 Masters 40 Multi-Ply deadlift31 week ago
61 Year Old Raw Bench of 310lbs in 181lb Class11 week ago
Rick "The Pullman" Padgett Deadlifts 700lbs for a Cause21 week ago
2015 APF Raw Nationals - 4 Weeks Out!11 week ago
Statins and Smashing weights!!21 week ago
Kristos Papanotis 644 in Training!!!22 weeks ago
Tim Evans 575 Raw Bench Press12 weeks ago
EHOP: Last Man Standing Raw Squat Off12 weeks ago
Ellen Stein's Expo Performance52 weeks ago
Brett Benedix 1,410 at USPF Singleply Nationals72 weeks ago
Ed Coan Seminar coming Austin Tx12 weeks ago
Dmitry Nasonov pulls 326kg ( 718) @ 75kg (165) 12 weeks ago
*News Flash* Maliek Derstine 1,818 @ 181 Raw!!!92 weeks ago
Al Laporte moves to #1 Masters 50 + wrap w/wraps32 weeks ago
Jon Gerhold totals 1658 at 181 Chicago fit expo62 weeks ago
Mason Cabney 1,240 raw total @ 156 16-17 Age Group12 weeks ago
JP Price 2237lb total at SHW!123 weeks ago
Eric Head Breaks Joe Bradley's Record!43 weeks ago
Strength vs. Cancer83 weeks ago
Greg Panora Breaks 2100 Raw!63 weeks ago
675 lb Raw Squat @ 275 & 19 Years Old13 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Christian Anto & Tee Cummins!!!23 weeks ago
Lift for Autism13 weeks ago
Should IPC (Paralympic) World Records Count For Singlelift All time Records?233 weeks ago
Andy Bolton in Training!23 weeks ago
Castillo secures Mexico's top medals tables finish with Americas record13 weeks ago
Gold's Gym Powerlifting Meet Only $5013 weeks ago
Mexico City and Cartagena announced as hosts for next World and Americas Championships13 weeks ago
Americas records for Araujo, Ortiz at 2015 IPC Powerlifting Open Americas Championships13 weeks ago
Shawn Bellon: USPA Utah States & Fit Con 201573 weeks ago
Kyuss Gargett 10 yrs old 78.8 lbs breaking records33 weeks ago
Nick Ramey sets SPF record for total lbs of 1765 lbs for 198 jr raw13 weeks ago
Home world record for Perez at IPC Powerlifting Open Americas Championships13 weeks ago
Stas Milostnoy Ups WR to 509 lbs/ 231 kg Bench @ 16544 weeks ago
Jim Phraner hits 775lbs @ 249.6lbs Single Ply34 weeks ago
Brazil's Da Silva claims gold with Americas record at 2015 IPC Powerlifting Open Americas Championships14 weeks ago
Tee Cummins: 2015 @220 Raw w/wraps24 weeks ago
SPF Little Rock Classic Masters 1 220LB National Record for Total broken. 14 weeks ago
Shannon Nash sets All-time WR Bench in Womens raw 181's44 weeks ago
Perez ready to go as lifters prepare for 2015 IPC Powerlifting Americas Open Championships14 weeks ago
Eric Lilliebridge 2,425 @ 308!84 weeks ago
Tom O'Connor AKA Metabolic Doc Benching 480 34 weeks ago
Lifting Through Adversity Matt Jones44 weeks ago
*Flash News* Tony Conyers 1,650 @ 155!!164 weeks ago
Elite Powerlifting Federation Meet Sponsors!24 weeks ago
JP Carroll 2132 raw with a 903 squat!24 weeks ago
💥NEWS💥 THE MACHINE 405X15 IN 15SEC14 weeks ago
Powerlifting European Championships: Malta Athletes14 weeks ago
Matt Claussen totals 2028 Raw w/ wraps at 27514 weeks ago
Karen Campbell: 501.5 BP - WABDL - Women's Single Ply WR @ 19854 weeks ago
Nicole Gonzalez Reaches Number One!45 weeks ago
Tom Finn 635 Slingshot Bench/Squats 735x3 750x225 weeks ago
Manenkoff 1,488 @ 16545 weeks ago
Dennis Cornelius Raw 2,138 total at 275!35 weeks ago
2015 Oklahoma AAU State Power Lifting Championships15 weeks ago
Ken Morris 1,900 @ 30345 weeks ago
Kevin OAK 2,050 Lb (930 Kg) Total Raw at 238 Lbs15 weeks ago
New Comer: Alexis Sweeney15 weeks ago
*Flash News* Anthony Hobaica Finally Goes All Time!45 weeks ago
Adrian Larsen 556 Bench Press15 weeks ago
Ed Coan Interview - Ultimate Powerlifting 2015 camps35 weeks ago
Matt Phelps 550 Raw @ 239!25 weeks ago
Raw Benchers, Raw Deadlifters and Equipped Deadlifters wanted! - Prize Money up for grabs!15 weeks ago
Jamar "M Town Monsta" Randolph Incline & Triceps | Journey To Venice Beach & Bakersfield (Day1)15 weeks ago
4th Annual CanAm Bench Press Championship - Entries Available15 weeks ago
Pacific Invitational World Records - Brett Gibbs Powerlifting 201525 weeks ago
Women's Power Weekend Highlights25 weeks ago
Adrian Larsen Training at Super Training15 weeks ago