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Rogue follows Kim Walford preparing for the Arnold Pro Deadlift12 hours ago
Jordan Moffitt (very high) volume squat workout22 hours ago
Tee Cummins 600lbs X 7 deadlift workout12 hours ago
Kyle Keough on a powerlifting athlete's long term development12 hours ago
Gracie V performing a 485lbs deadlift at the gym12 hours ago
Linda K: finally, the long awaited for 140kg bench press12 hours ago
PARALYMPIC LIFTING: Sergey Sychev 216kg/476lbs lift12 hours ago
David LaMartina's squat session12 hours ago
CONTINUED EDUCATION: Women's Only Training day with Shawna Mendelson321 hours ago
2015 Male and Female Lifters of the Year121 hours ago
Curd Hos at Muscle Massacre 2016 in Trenton11 day ago
Crystal Tate preps for the Arnolds11 day ago
SPF I Heart Deadlifting Contest 11 day ago
Derek Kendall's 415 kg. (915 lb.) Squat21 day ago
Caitlin Martinez deadlifts 409lbs at USPA meet: new American Record11 day ago
Self-Image While Bulking11 day ago
Marisa Inda pulls 370/2 raw @ 114lbs bodyweight in training for the Arnold21 day ago
Julius Maddox 660 bench!41 day ago
Eric Lilliebridge prepping for the UPA Nationals31 day ago
Championship of Russia on classic powerlifting 2015, class 83 kg12 days ago
YIcompete: review of wrist wraps22 days ago
RUM 9: Jake Benedix and Brett Benedix 13 days ago
Championship of Russia on classic powerlifting 2015, class 74 kg13 days ago
James Ortiz 535lbs bench press at the 2016 USPA American Cup13 days ago
Luigi Fagiani: Deadlift sessions over the past 5 weeks23 days ago
Jordan Wong: Definitely coming back soon13 days ago
Powerlifting Vs. Olympic Weightlifting - NSCA article33 days ago
Liz Majka: 385lbs X 3 on squats with wraps only14 days ago
SQUATTING EVERYDAY: Does It Actually Work? (Results)24 days ago
Team Rohr Presents: USA Powerlifting Summer Showdown (June 11-12 in Atlanta) - $10,000 in PRIZE MONEY!14 days ago
Meet KC Mitchell, aka That 1 Leg Monster!34 days ago
RUM 9: Mojica Jacqueline's performance at the 105kg female division15 days ago
RUM 9: Manny Prieto hits a great 8/9 477.5 kg/1052 lb total at the 132lbs class25 days ago
Joe DeFranco's Industrial Strength Show: Episode #40 with Dave Tate15 days ago
Nina DiLorenzo in her last heavy deadlift workout before the USPA meet in Phoenix, AZ15 days ago
Strong Starts in the Mind: The Benefits of Active Imagery for Lifters15 days ago
All time record holder Janis Finkelman deadlifts 420lbs X 415 days ago
Gordeev Sergey bench press 270kg@107kg, Junior record of St.Petersburg16 days ago
RUM 9: Blanca Villoch squats 292lbs/132kg16 days ago
RUM 9: Jeff Barnes deadlifts 827lbs16 days ago
RUM 9: Carlos Daniel Llosa realizes he is not the best lifter and returns medal and prize money26 days ago
David LaMartina's sumo deadlift workout16 days ago
RUM 9: Shelby Talon's 435lbs deadlift for a 981lbs total16 days ago
News from Colombia: Luis Bermejo chasing elite numbers at the 75kg class under Saul Salazar16 days ago
USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals - RAW & EQUIPPED16 days ago
Eli Burks Pro American Prep: “625 lbs x 4” And “560 for sets of 5”16 days ago
American Cup Highlights16 days ago
American Cup Highlights16 days ago
2015 Male Lifter Of The Year36 days ago
RUM 9: Lance Hickey deadlifts 766lbs/347.5kg at 218lbs bodyweight11 week ago
RUM 9: more on Ashley Cooper11 week ago
RUM 9: Sin Leung goes 9/9 with a 854lbs total11 week ago
Caterine González from Colombia: 145kg/320lbs X 6 squat31 week ago
RUM 9: Brett Benedix squats 562lbs, beating the official all time record11 week ago
Q&A With Andrey Malanichev11 week ago
Talking Kids and Powerlifting with James “Pit bull” Searcy41 week ago
RUM 9: Dani Overcash wins the 123lbs division with a 432.5 kg/953 lb total51 week ago
Trevor Jaffe hits a 611lbs squat at the 198lbs class11 week ago
Special Olympic Weightlifters Prep For Competition11 week ago
RUM 9: Hugo Quinteiro participates on the deadlift single lift at the 125kg/275lbs division and hits a 350kg/772lbs lift11 week ago
RUM 9: Dustin Washington benches 220lbs at 129lbs bodyweight11 week ago
Matt Mills Training Deadlift of 810!11 week ago
RUM 9: Carlos Daniel Llosa wins the 82kg class and squats 272,5kg/600lbs11 week ago
Gary Hunter Jr. hits a 451lbs PR squat at 132lb bodyweight11 week ago
RUM 9: ShelbyTalon hits a 353lbs squat11 week ago
RUM 9: Amanda Crawford benches 209 lb 11 week ago
RUM 9: Ashley Cooper benches 253 lbs at 132lbs bodyweight11 week ago
Raw Squats and Deadlifts From American Cup11 week ago
Shawna Mendelson kills it in Finland with a 455lb bench press31 week ago
Matt Wenning‎ hits second all time highest total at UPA Raw Nationals31 week ago
Janel Vegter: never stops getting stronger11 week ago
Shawn Bellon, Scivation Athlete: Squat 800*1 in knee sleeves11 week ago
Powerlifting friendly gyms series: Saulpower (Colombia)11 week ago
Ernie Lilliebridge Sr. : no belt, no wraps, a lot of strength11 week ago
CONTINUED EDUCATION: why does it benefit the host gym? Input from Elite Strength & Conditioning11 week ago
WATCH: Deadlift Tips on Tightness, Speed Pulls, and Hook Grip11 week ago
Advantages and Disadvantages of the Isometric Method11 week ago
Gracie V and Cammie on a 315lbs x 1 minute AMRAP beltless deadlift contest11 week ago
Daniel Bell competes twice in January and talks about his numbers11 week ago
Shea Martinez At the Fit Expo11 week ago
805x2 Raw Squat w/wraps (220)11 week ago
Brandon Allen clip of his 2016 USPA American Cup performance11 week ago
Ginger's dream come true: a 203lbs bench press at the 2016 USPA American Cup21 week ago
Danny Harris inducted into the NASA Powerlifting Hall of Fame11 week ago
David LaMartina's account from his participation at the 2016 USPA American Cup (+ video)21 week ago
2015 Female Lifter Of The Year11 week ago
Shawn Bellon preps for the RPS Open April 23 and squats 771lbs 31 week ago
IPL World Champion and Best lfter James Strickland gets the gold again at the 2016 USPA American Cup11 week ago
Stacia-Al Mahoe's performance at the 2016 USPA American Cup 11 week ago
Ben O'Brien's 473 bench @ 216lbs bodyweight at the 2016 USPA American Cup 11 week ago
New Gym: Mount Vernon Barbell in New York11 week ago
New Gym: Cincinatti Meat Locker in Ohio11 week ago
Best Male and Female lifter of The Year- Poll221 week ago
Steph Powell totals 1074 @ 145 bodyweight - 2016 USPA American Cut (LA Fit Expo)12 weeks ago
The Problem With Your Cookie-Cutter Program12 weeks ago
Laurie Smith takes the silver at the 165lbs class at the 2016 USPA American Cup (LA Fit expo) 12 weeks ago
2016 US Open22 weeks ago
Rachel Allbaugh presses 225 in training @133 lbs bwt22 weeks ago