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Brandon Cass 740 Raw w/wraps @ 217 Masters!!!310 hours ago
Joseph Sonntag 887 squat at 220 Singleply!211 hours ago
Casey Williams 1,820 @ 220120 hours ago
Denis Vikulev deadlift 380kg@120kg120 hours ago
The Animal Underground: Deadlift Training with Rob Hall21 day ago
457 Pound Bench Press April Mathis!!!11 day ago
Samantha Coleman Blasts A 1603 Total!11 day ago
Big Matt pulls 800 at 23!24 days ago
James Strickland With 630 Pounds On the Bar!25 days ago
Denis Vikulev totalled 1023kg@120kg, Russia national tournament "White Nights 2016"15 days ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Hobaica!!!11 week ago
Hafiz Verdiyev 2,248 @ 220 Singleply!11 week ago
54 Year old Master SHW Bench Presses 551 raw at 365 SPF Meet for 6th National Record21 week ago
Tyler Brooks 1,889 total @275 in sleeves11 week ago
700 lb Deadlift @ 60 years old...195 lbs bw and Drug Free!31 week ago
Greg Powell Benches 800 at 220!!!! 11 week ago
Josh Cleveland 722 squat in knee sleeves21 week ago
Nick Vogelsang 1265 @148 pounds !11 week ago
Yuriy Belkin - deadlift 420kg (New world record)42 weeks ago
WRPF world championships- Live22 weeks ago
Ian Bells Rips Up 815 Fast!12 weeks ago
462 Pound Squat at 103 lbs!!!!!!!!!42 weeks ago
Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Powerlifting in the US22 weeks ago
James Strickland 612 Raw at 273 BW!22 weeks ago
SPF Record Breakers powered by Reebok33 weeks ago
JP Price 959 Unquestionable..13 weeks ago
Larry Williams New All Time World Record 985 kg 2171 lbs Raw Total at 242 at SPF Record Breakers!13 weeks ago
Kevin Oak New World Record!13 weeks ago
Vincent Pachuta 655 Training Pull at 181 13 weeks ago
Tiny Meeker To Be Inducted Into York Barbell Powerlifting Hall Of Fame23 weeks ago
Anthony Hobaica Never Settle33 weeks ago
IPL World Powerlifting Championships- Live ( November 10-13, 2016 )13 weeks ago
Jeremy Hoornstra 635 Training Bench23 weeks ago
WPC World Championships - Livestream Coverage13 weeks ago
WABDL Worlds Streaming23 weeks ago
All Time Master Records Updates23 weeks ago
Kim Valentine's 942 at 107!23 weeks ago
Rene Garganta : Master Power!13 weeks ago
"Big On The Basics Beyond": Deadlift with Animal's Pete Rubish13 weeks ago
Exciting Announcement from Hercules Gym!!33 weeks ago
Kentucky State Championships Just Around the Corner!!!!13 weeks ago
Shannon Nash claims ALL Time World Record 365 bench13 weeks ago
Heavy Holds By Jennifer Thompson13 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to James Searcy Jr.!!!13 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Jordan Lupul & Dane Dillon!!!13 weeks ago
Al Laporte moves to #113 weeks ago
WRPF Worlds November 15-20 in Moscow, Russia. 13 weeks ago
Kyle Keough Eyes World Record14 weeks ago
Emily DeMorest Hits 1,100 and a 470 Squat at 136.7 !14 weeks ago
Logan Zechar Moves Up The Multiply Rankings14 weeks ago
Sebrina Davis In The News: S.A. woman embraces art of powerlifting14 weeks ago
Andrey Malanichev Undeniable King!104 weeks ago
WABDL Planning On A Raw Division By Feb 201714 weeks ago
#GASSTATIONREADY Defined14 weeks ago
Squat School | EP 1 | JTSstrength.com15 weeks ago
Ed Coan, Knee Wrapping Tutorial15 weeks ago
James Searcy Jr: 2,132 Pounds at 298 !!15 weeks ago
ProRaw Big Dogs Live Stream Link25 weeks ago
Joe Guerra Prepping For WABDL25 weeks ago
Jennifer Millican Wins 57 kg and Best Over All at 2016 USAPL Natls: Plus Meet Recap15 weeks ago
Phillip Brewer Repping 40515 weeks ago
WRPF Less than 4 Weeks Away!15 weeks ago
Evan Mensing 855 pull at 275!26 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Josh Spaeth!!!16 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Kalle Rasanen & Marianne Kosonen!!!16 weeks ago
Peter Edgette 567 Raw Bench @ 30826 weeks ago
Samantha Coleman Becomes The 2nd Woman To Bench 400!!!!!26 weeks ago
Blanca Villoch 937 Pound Raw Total at 123 pounds16 weeks ago
Russian Bench Press Nationals live!16 weeks ago
USPA NOVA Open -- 8/13-14/16 -- (Haymarket, Virginia)16 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Phillip Mardis & Phil Maranto!!!26 weeks ago
Goryachok Anatoliy deadlift 330,5kg@74kg New record of Russia26 weeks ago
Dennis Cornelius Breaks 2 Legendary Squats!26 weeks ago
Ben Pollack Moves To Number 4 On The Rankings!16 weeks ago
2017 IPL Master's Cup Comes To Texas!16 weeks ago
2016 100% RAW Powerlifting Championships Worlds – Live Stream27 weeks ago
Marshall Freakshow Johnson: The goal was to get 1200lbs on my back27 weeks ago
Zach Ruhl 429 Bench at 145 lbs!!17 weeks ago
INCREDIBLE Raw Performances at the UPA "Wings of Strength" Women's Pro Powerlifting Meet17 weeks ago
JP Price 931 Raw!!! W/ Updates17 weeks ago
ONE THOUSAND FIVE Pounds Raw Ray Williams Its OFFICIAL!!!!17 weeks ago
The First Ever “LGBT International Powerlifting Championships” are happening in London in July 2017 …77 weeks ago
Tom Emelander Pulling 765!17 weeks ago
Denise Mears - Rising Through The Ranks17 weeks ago
Jessica Cockreham Rises Up The Rankings!17 weeks ago
Grand Goals......17 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Kaitlin McCanless!!!17 weeks ago
2016 USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals- Live!17 weeks ago
USPA Texas Now Has A Drug Tested Division27 weeks ago
Chase Kiser is returning to the platform after 3 patella tendon ruptures!18 weeks ago
Bench Wars! At the USPA Bend the Bar in San Antonio, TX 12/10/16.18 weeks ago
New Comer: Benjamin Royal !18 weeks ago
New Comer: Amy Kozle!18 weeks ago
Keith McHoney Squatting Big!18 weeks ago
GPA World Powerlifting Championships18 weeks ago
CONGRATULATIONS to Aleksey Nikulin!!!18 weeks ago