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Dan Green 821 lbs @ 24021 hour ago
Maryana Naumova Bench Press WR IRP 120kg/264LBS11 hour ago
Ed Coan Appears at GPA11 hour ago
Fred Goldberg 525 lb raw bench 55 yrs old 269 lbs810 hours ago
Brian Hopper Veteran's Day Performance1013 hours ago
Loma Amore 61 Hits Record Lifts!917 hours ago
Featured Lifter Jaroslaw Olech 13 x World Champ!21 day ago
World Gym Powerlifting Team Deadlifting31 day ago
Katelyn O'Donnell Hits 106031 day ago
Unbreakable Gear comes out with its 2nd line of wraps!!! 11 day ago
April Shumaker sets new raw bench and total records at the USPA Veterans Day classic!72 days ago
Al Laporte moves to #2 in the Masters over 50 rankings!52 days ago
Watch GPA Worlds LIVE in HD22 days ago
875 Pull By Shane Hammock42 days ago
Matt Phelps Hits 547 @ 24132 days ago
Jp Carroll 500 lbs for 15 reps no belt no wrap 23 days ago
Raw United 2014 Stronglife Invitational 13 days ago
JUSTIN KEARNS 43 @290.4........555# BENCH PRESS...NEW IPA 308 MASTER RECORD .....The ALPHA Project!!!!!!!!!13 days ago
Dan Green bench training before GPA13 days ago
Objective is Clear- Deverall Marks 13 days ago
Ellen Stein PR's at Insurrection74 days ago
Brett Benedix 515 Raw Squat @ 148!!74 days ago
Titan Support Systems Announcement144 days ago
Josh Morris 2300 Raw No wraps!44 days ago
Bouncing Legend, Sam Cox, 1950 RAW Total at 24114 days ago
Richard Ficca Hits 606!35 days ago
Monique Jackson resets the record books at IPL Worlds85 days ago
Zahir Khudayarov last workout for Sydney 35 days ago
Savannah Minnici and Dani Hoddinott break Top 15 in the Country!25 days ago
550 raw bench 9 weeks post surgery Relentless Detroit 201435 days ago
James Robinson pulls 700 at 50+35 days ago
Shana Ratcliff 830 @ 105!16 days ago
Caitlyn Trout *News Flash*16 days ago
165 Registered Competitors for RPS InsurreXtion 3 !!!!!! 21 week ago
Rachel Nutter 500lb Drug Tested Bench!91 week ago
Lyndsay Cole makes a splash in first meet.11 week ago
Lance Ross New World Record 788 Pull21 week ago
Tom Kallas at Mark Bells Backyard meet, 1618 total at 18111 week ago
Dan Green & Brandon Lilly Squat Together at Boss Barbell11 week ago
Larysa Soloviova sets the highest wilks in IPF history - 638,5 kg total @62,62 kg11 week ago
Salazar Breaks Her Own All Time World Record61 week ago
Lisa Rothman Tops the 105 Ranks21 week ago
WPC Worlds- Live!11 week ago
World Gym Powerlifting Team at the WPC worlds41 week ago
Brett Benedix 2x World Champ!11 week ago
Team Unbreakable Gear Jessica "JessiCatts" Belt Win IPL Worlds11 week ago
Kourtney Kuhn Hits 815 @ 12331 week ago
Melissa Reyes Takes 97lb Class All Time Record 31 week ago
Carl Y. Christensen 1230 kg./2711 lbs. World Record Total131 week ago
Jason Manenkoff Nails 418!91 week ago
New Gym: Heavy Metal Fitness 11 week ago
Josh Ellis Big PR21 week ago
Animal Seminar: Powerlifting Topics with BOSS & GUNZ 11 week ago
Powerlifter Diane Manno Starts Non-Profit To Help Others In Need11 week ago
Rostislav Petkov Smashes All Time World Record!61 week ago
Doc Holloway 622 pull at 144!21 week ago
Ian Bell 815 World Record!21 week ago
Tee Cummins 1929 at 220!31 week ago
Siamand Rahman named Allianz Athlete of the Month - October 201411 week ago
Mike Gerardi Cracks the Top 1011 week ago
Powerlifting - The Devil in I (Part 1 - The Passion) 11 week ago
Survival Thursdays Bench Session11 week ago
Manny Prieto Totals 1003 @ 13211 week ago
Jenn Rotsinger Raises The Bar!71 week ago
Austin Myers, Passes at 84 years old12 weeks ago
Jose Castillo WR Squat 832!12 weeks ago
13 year old Naomi Kutin @ The 100% Raw Worlds42 weeks ago
Fedosienko 5x BW Squat World Record!42 weeks ago
CHEN WEI-LING 440 LBS SQUAT (11/4/2014) 42 weeks ago
15-year old Taylor from USA squats over 3xbodyweight at IPF Worlds12 weeks ago
Eric Lilliebridge 465kgs/1,026lbs Raw Squat w/ wraps 24 y/o @ 300lbs 52 weeks ago
Team Malta World Powerlifting Championhips results Moldova 201412 weeks ago
Jonathan Harder 1720lbs at 180.5lbs Raw/ wraps22 weeks ago
Motivation & Inspiration w/ Leroy Walker @Metroflex LBC 12 weeks ago
IPF 35th Women's & 44th Men's World Powerlifting Championships- Live!12 weeks ago
IPL World Powerlifting Championships, Nov 5-9, Las Vegas, NV- Roster & Live Stream22 weeks ago
Derek Kendall 823 Front Squat!!!112 weeks ago
Garrett GUNZ USPA Battle of Beast 1752@197 without wraps82 weeks ago
Justin Caputo 580 plus 30 lbs in Chain!92 weeks ago
William Duncan @ Pulaski County32 weeks ago
Josh Stottlemire @ Mason Dixon23 weeks ago
PacificoPower's Jeanine Whittaker NEW AllTime RAW WR Squat23 weeks ago
Last Day To Book Hotel / Updated Roster: Stars and Stripes13 weeks ago
Seth Strickland 16 yrs Old 1304 Total63 weeks ago
**********REMINDER NASA IOWA REGIONALS COMING UP NOVEMBER 1ST!!!!!!!*****************13 weeks ago
SPF Bar Benders on the Bay, January 10, 201513 weeks ago
1795 @ 198 raw w/ wraps by Jordan Feigenbaum83 weeks ago
September 27, 2014 Gym Powerlifting Meet results13 weeks ago
Corey Bourgeois 1703 @ 220 Raw w/sleeves 20 yrs. old23 weeks ago
Amit Sapir Aims For Raw record73 weeks ago
Joe Sullivan 1725lb total 198lb BW 23 weeks ago
Paul Nguyen The Deadlift King103 weeks ago
Keith McHoney 1405 Total at 148!43 weeks ago
Jordan Wong 738x2 Squat23 weeks ago
Zahir Khudayarov Training Squat of 1014!63 weeks ago
Jared Daigre Makes the Top 20!43 weeks ago