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Marshall Freakshow Johnson 1102lb Squat49 hours ago
Ray Williams 931 Raw Squat!!!612 hours ago
Michael Whities 1019 Total with One Arm1012 hours ago
Shane Hammock Deadlifting 880 313 hours ago
USAPL Southern Open ms-2014-03119 hours ago
Adrien Poinson Breaks All Time Drug Tested Raw 165 Bench!51 day ago
2014 BEND the BAR Powerlifting Meet Austin TX Footage!11 day ago
Keith McHoney 9.96 x bw, 1432 Total Raw52 days ago
Eric Lilliebridge - New All-Time World Record Total Raw w/ wraps @ 308lbs (2,369lbs)32 days ago
Norris 2,015 @ 198 Raw!182 days ago
HELL BARBELL's MIke Lackey 507.5 Bench and 710 Deadlift at 242 Raw12 days ago
METAL Gym X-Mas Bench & Deadlift video/results12 days ago
Bryant Clients PR!! Peter Edgette and Tom Emelander24 days ago
New ALL Time World Record Squat and total 2028lbs (920kg) @90kg Ernie Lilliebridge JR 25 days ago
RUM8 training--760x2 Squat @220 Raw w/wraps: Tee Cummins15 days ago
New all-time BP from Stanislav Milosnoy, 230 @ 74.7 (507 @ 164.68)75 days ago’s Annual Get Sponsored Contest15 days ago
USAPL's Robert Keller becomes the interim Secretary General for the IPF25 days ago
Hafiz Verdiyev total 920 kg in 100kg category. WPC Worlds 2014. Single Ply15 days ago
IPC Powerlifting launches website for 2015 Americas and Asian Open Championships15 days ago
Andrew Petti hits top ten total at his first meet 1210 at 148!26 days ago
Matt Disbrow hits 2100 at 275 at Lexen XXX76 days ago
Adam Ferchen deadlifts 701 to break USPA junior national record41 week ago
Jim Phraner Results Are In!31 week ago
2015 APF Raw Nationals Date Annouced11 week ago
BOSS & GUNZ Squat 11 week ago
Harvard professor grabs All-Time WR Squat31 week ago
Nathan Grimm Hits All-Time Drug Tested 21 week ago
Justin Caputo Makes A 610 Squat @ 165!!!11 week ago
IPF approved fees 2015231 week ago
Jack Stevens 181, age 69 pulls 495!81 week ago
Loma Amore best female lifter!61 week ago
Christian Anto: 1660 @ 181 (w/ wraps)31 week ago
Over 300 lifters competing in RPS meets this weekend11 week ago
Champion Grandma Can Deadlift Your Spirits And A Whole Lot More!21 week ago
IWGA Athlete of the Month November11 week ago
Unstoppable Force Lifter Sammy Graham11 week ago
Nick Israel Powers Through a 1515 Total @ 165!22 weeks ago
Tyler Butcher Goes 2403!52 weeks ago
Aleksey Nikulin 1697 @ 181!52 weeks ago
James Hickey Pulls 77122 weeks ago
Dennis Cieri Unofficial IPF World Record32 weeks ago
**********REMINDER************NASA TENNESSEE REGIONAL COMING UP*********12 weeks ago
*****************REMINDER****************** NASA ILLINOIS CHRISTMAS REGIONAL COMING UP*********************12 weeks ago
*****************REMINDER****************** NASA NEW MEXICO REGIONAL NEW YEARS CLASSIC COMING UP!12 weeks ago
What Powerlifting Tells Us About The Effects Of PEDs 42 weeks ago
Joe "Ironman" Norman breaks WPC World Squat Record42 weeks ago
April Shumaker sets new raw bench and total records at the USPA Veterans Day classic!82 weeks ago
Amit Sapir's 722 All-time WR62 weeks ago
281 kg/620lb unofficial IPF raw world record by Fredrik Smulter12 weeks ago
Vladislava Dluzhnevskaya Bnehces 209 @ 132 Raw 14yrs old22 weeks ago
News from GPA-Russia12 weeks ago
SPF Bar Benders on the Bay!12 weeks ago
RUM VIII Roster Released12 weeks ago
Jerry Pritchett Pulls 903!22 weeks ago
Bend The Bar Roster12 weeks ago
Jennifer Thompson In Training53 weeks ago
A Few Unoffical Results From GPA63 weeks ago
Tee Cummins 2,000 at 220!23 weeks ago
Janis Finkelman 400lb Pull 43 weeks ago
Featured Lifter Jaroslaw Olech 13 x World Champ!33 weeks ago
XPC is now accepting Entries from qualified lifters for the 2015 Finals13 weeks ago
Tom Murray 556lb Raw Bench Press at USAPL Stars and Stripes 33 weeks ago
GYM BOMBING @Whittier College Weight Room w/ 500/605 lbs Lifts Hit on the Incline Press 13 weeks ago
Zahir Khudayarov 992lbs RAW squat @ GPA Worlds 23 weeks ago
Ed Coan Appears at GPA53 weeks ago
Dan Green 821 lbs @ 24033 weeks ago
Maryana Naumova Bench Press WR IRP 120kg/264LBS23 weeks ago
Fred Goldberg 525 lb raw bench 55 yrs old 269 lbs83 weeks ago
Brian Hopper Veteran's Day Performance103 weeks ago
Loma Amore 61 Hits Record Lifts!93 weeks ago
World Gym Powerlifting Team Deadlifting33 weeks ago
Katelyn O'Donnell Hits 106033 weeks ago
Unbreakable Gear comes out with its 2nd line of wraps!!! 13 weeks ago
Al Laporte moves to #2 in the Masters over 50 rankings!54 weeks ago
Watch GPA Worlds LIVE in HD24 weeks ago
875 Pull By Shane Hammock44 weeks ago
Matt Phelps Hits 547 @ 24134 weeks ago
Jp Carroll 500 lbs for 15 reps no belt no wrap 24 weeks ago
Raw United 2014 Stronglife Invitational 14 weeks ago
JUSTIN KEARNS 43 @290.4........555# BENCH PRESS...NEW IPA 308 MASTER RECORD .....The ALPHA Project!!!!!!!!!14 weeks ago
Dan Green bench training before GPA14 weeks ago
Objective is Clear- Deverall Marks 14 weeks ago
Ellen Stein PR's at Insurrection74 weeks ago
Brett Benedix 515 Raw Squat @ 148!!74 weeks ago
Titan Support Systems Announcement144 weeks ago
Josh Morris 2300 Raw No wraps!44 weeks ago
Bouncing Legend, Sam Cox, 1950 RAW Total at 24114 weeks ago
Richard Ficca Hits 606!34 weeks ago
Monique Jackson resets the record books at IPL Worlds84 weeks ago
Zahir Khudayarov last workout for Sydney 34 weeks ago
Savannah Minnici and Dani Hoddinott break Top 15 in the Country!24 weeks ago
550 raw bench 9 weeks post surgery Relentless Detroit 201434 weeks ago
James Robinson pulls 700 at 50+34 weeks ago
Shana Ratcliff 830 @ 105!14 weeks ago
Caitlyn Trout *News Flash*14 weeks ago