Dave Hoff Training Footage

Here is training footage of Dave Hoff, 275, preparing for the IPA LexenXtreme Pro-Am which will be held January 17-18 in Columbus, Ohio. In the videos, Hoff squats 900 pounds and benches 855 with reversed Bands. Hoff, who is only 20, holds the twelfth highest total of all-time at 275.


Bench press:

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That's a great squat. If you watched the whole Underground Strength video this was on all the TeamXtreme guys like Hoff, Fought, and Wenning are getting some pretty legit depth in training.

hey neutron,

looks good. good luck at the pro am.

Great job bro, Wait till they see the BiG bench press,later . PHIL HARRINGTON aka SQUATZILLA

Easy 2600 total coming here

This kid has so much potential. Wow.

Nice squat and good form.
"Strength Through Character"

Nice squat and good form.
"Strength Through Character"

wow look at that bench ! its rumored he's going 242;s in january.