Richard Hawthorne Deadlifts 12th Most in History

(updated 10:51 am to include video)

Richard Hawthorne, 132, deadlifted 610 pounds on Saturday at the SPF Mississippi Championship in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The weight is the twelfth highest in history pulled at 132. Hawthorne hit the lift on his second attempt before passing on his third. He will next be in action at the WABDL World Championships which begin November 12 in Las Vegas. Here is video of the lift:

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Congrats on the big pull...

This guy is insane. He has so much midrange and top-end strength. He should pass J.D. Carr to become the #2 American behind Lamar Gant after WABDL World's in 2 weeks.

Looks like Vince Anello's lockout with arms about 2" above the knees when he finishes the lift. Great job and congrats!

He certainly looks like he's built to pull but He still pulling to mid thigh. Reminds one of the pulling style of JD Carr...


"There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the DeadLift." Jon Pall Sigmarsson...(CONVENTIONAL THAT IS). OLD SCHOOL. There are two types of lifters, those that wish they could DeadLift and those that, Do It....

Man, thats good. Keep it real, dawg.

Man way to stick with it nice pull 12th of all time that is awsome. Some incredible back strength. Ken

It was great to watch Richard in action.
Not only a great lifter but also a great person.
It was a honor to be there and see this lift. Jesse Rodgers

Picture Perfect... gutsy lift by a gutsy lifter!!