Ron Ringewold pulls 481 @ 73 years of age

Ron Ringewold, 198, deadlifted 481 pound at the age of 73 to set a WABDL Masters 68-74 World Record earlier this month. Ringewold made the pull on July 19 at the WABDL Great Lakes Regional Bench Press and Deadlift Championships in Lansing, Michigan. Here's video of the lift:

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Amazing lift!

Congratulations on your Master dl world record!


nice job

Great lift "Papa Smurf"!! Most people watching that vid probably won't even live to be 73, let alone be deadlifting at that age.

I am honored to have 'the Smurf' as a training partner. He has helped countless numbers of lifters over the years and is a great guy.

Two weeks out he tweaked a hamstring and so he was not at 100% at this meet. I have seen him pull 510 @ 181 in training. His next goal is to break the long standing WABDL World Record @ 181 (68-74) which is at 524, and is also presently one of, if not the highest coefficient deadlifts in WABDL history. Ron hopes to do this at WABDL Worlds in Nov.

NOW THAT WAS what lifting is all about!

Hope he hits 500 soon!



Papa, you are a bad ass and an exceptional lifter!

Your 481 world record lift looked smooth and easy!

Get that 524 record at WORLDS!

Nice lifting!

Question: why does wabdl have these odd age groups for masters? Why not get in line with everyone else and use 5 year increments or 10 year increments. Plus they have a 259 wt class. Why do they try to be the odd man out?

This thread is to highlight the achievements of a lifter. This is not a thread about WABDL Rules and is not the appropriate place to post such questions/criticisms etc...

OMFG.....unreal.....when I get to be 73 I hope I still have the strength to LOAD the bar for a guy like that.


I like the way he points to the weight on the way up and then just bends over and picks it up.... very inspirational @ 73!

Great Pull

That is a great pull!

Amazing pull!

very inspirational!!

A great guy, great lifter, and if you're ever in Grand Rapids he runs an awesome, old-school gym.

That was a great pull. Congrats gives us all hope for the future. Very amazing to say the least. Ken Ufford

Great job. I'm pretty confident I'll be dead by then. If not, I'll be lucky to hit those NASA curling events in a wheelchair.

We have a 62 year old 198 in our group at Lexen. He squats 600 and pulls 525. I hope I can stay with it at that age.

I love to see a 73year old staying with the game...Life is mean't to be lived to the fullest...CONGRATULATIONS a 62 year old lifter myself, you have given me hope for the future...

"USPF....the Legend continues......"

Ron is living proof that powerlifting is a sport for life. Congratulations on great pull, Ron! It was an honor to be on the judging crew for your lift.

Dr. John Hudson
WABDL Texas State Co-Chairman
WABDL National Collegiate Chairman


WOW! Great, great lift!

great job Ron i saw the living legend in full affect it was a great meet.

Jeff Johnston

All I can say is WOW. I hope I am still walking at 73, much less lifting.
Brant Bishop
WABDL AL Chairman
"Power Forever"

No excuses! Just lift it!

GREAT JOB! Way to pull Ron!

Knees were unlocked at the top. Great effort though!

Anonymous wrote:
Knees were unlocked at the top.

Notice as he walks onto the stage. His kees are swollen. His knees are locked out just fine. GREAT LIFT!

Amazing lift. Almost 5 bills at 73 years old. WOW! It is nice to see lifts like this from the older guys, it inspires us all.


Even more amazing is that Ron did this with a pulled hamstring. He's done this weight for a double in the gym. Watch for well over 500 at the World's if he's healthy. Great job, Poppa Smurf.

Anonymous wrote:
Knees were unlocked at the top. Great effort though!

gimme a fuckin break u anon piece of shit. It was locked out, now stop talkin shit and do sumthin so u can have a vid on here.

mick manley wrote:
Anonymous wrote:
Knees were unlocked at the top. Great effort though!

gimme a fuckin break u anon piece of shit. It was locked out, now stop talkin shit and do sumthin so u can have a vid on here.


Papa Smurf is my dad and my hero. I am so proud of you daddy. I love you

There's talking... and then there's powerlifting.

Fuckin' Strong

Ron has been such an inspiration for so many people, including myself. He took me under his wing and made me into the powerlifter I am today. I was there to witness this World Record pull, and it was awesome! Nice job, Ron!

Amazing! That old dog definitely has some tricks!

Now that is silent fame for the world to enjoy!!!!

That's one heck of a lift man. Very impressive. -Electric