Night Of The Living Deadlift Results

Alex Campbell has published the results from yesterday's Night of the Living Deadlift held in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Tom Eiseman was named best overall deadlifter and won $700 in cash and $300 in supplements. Eiseman, 49, out-deadlifted Doc Holloway in the lightweights with a 765 pound pull at 184. He finished with an attempt at 801 pounds. Eiseman is the lightest man to ever pull over 800 pounds. James "Pitbull" Searcy pulled a meet high 855 pounds to win the heavyweights. Around 350 fans attended the annual event.

Tom Eiseman 765@184
Doc Holloway 575@133
Derek Wilcox 600@170
Chad Kerley 525@165
Charlie Conner 540@180
Mark Hollingsworth 400@150
Jason Nave 500@155
Wayne Stover 455@189
Josh Smith 430@175
Alex Campbell 475@209
Anthoney Malone 440@198
Will Wagner 365@161
Preston Head 415@193
Josh Hall 365@171
Ryan Hicks -

James Searcey 855@350
Mike Nease 775@350
Russel Anderson-Drew 705@274
MArk Ferris 680@244
Curt Dennis 730@325
Todd Shelton 630 @221
Mike Wood 633@232
Jared Skinner 600@211
Olafur Torfason 625@260
Steven Nease 555@220
Markcus Milner 600@337
Adam Sizemore 500@185
Alex Hilliard 510@264
Mike Isreatel 455@233
Gary Canter 440@220

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Sounds like NOTLD IV was another great meet! I hate that I wasn't able to make it. Congratulations to all the lifters.

when did tom eiseman pull 800?

congrats tom awsome pulling as always

By the way, where was Tee Myers? He was supposed to come.

It was a great meet and I thank all of th elifters and help that I had. And also, what a crowd!
Tom pulled 800 about 21 years ago, hurt his back badly, swithced to sumo and has been slowly inching up to it ever since.

If you do not know why Eiseman is a "big deal" then you know nothing about this sport and I am not going to waste my time trying to explain it. The #1 ranking at his weight class for 21 years straight should speak for itself!

Oh, and Jon, this meet was not USAPL sanctioned, but I do put on those meets so I can understand the confusion.

Sorry I couldn't make it.... Did Cheryl? How did she do?

tom has been pulling over 4x bodyweight for damn near 30 years. the guy is 49 years old and is missing an acl in his knee and is still one of the elite pullers in the world.

Cheryl tweaked her knee and wanted to stay healthy for IPA nats in a few weeks.

small is a state of mind

Great lifting by all the lifters there was some nasty deadlifting going on there

Is the NOTLD meet a single ply or 2 ply or RAW or does anything go. i'm just curious.

Chip Martin

GREAT PULLING BY ALL. THE DEADLIFT RULES......THE DEADLIFT IS THE KING OF ALL EXERCISES...."There is no point in being alive if you cannot do the DeadLift." Jon Pall Sigmarsson... WSM X'S 4......"THE MEET TRULY DOES NOT START TILL THE BAR, HITS THE FLOOR....

The NOTLD has no garment restriction except a one piece lifting suit must be worn and shoes. Other than that single, double, raw, or whatever we all know it is not too much help in the pull so just lift as you like.

Cheryl did not lift but did some and support. She is a very seet and kind lady and we hope to see her on th eplatform next year with some other females.

Look forward to a few modifications for next year. As we have grown so much this past year it will take a few changes to keep things moving in the right direction.

Tee said he would be there "Lord willing", but he did not make it. I will try to email him. I hope something unfortunate did not happen to him like Cheryl.

Has anyone in the documented history of Powerlifting ever pulled as much as Eisman at such a light bodyweight?

Thanks for the results, Jon - it's great to read about this meet and I'm proud of the performances of Tom Eiseman and Doc Holloway...two awesome people as well as outstanding deadlifters.

Alex Campbell, would you please email me at - I've got some questions Thanks.