Video Of Andrey Belaev's IPF World Record Squat

Here's video of Andrey Belaev's IPF World Record squat of 837 pounds at 198 from the IPF Powerlifting World Championships in Soelden, Austria.

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deep and easy

Wow...,I need to get a pair of those shoes that the Russians were wearing! ;)

Maryland Powerlifting

Lift..., what else?

it's gotta be the shoes!

all i have to say is put alil weight on the bar next time


great squat! looked like an opener!

This is 10% Luck, 20% Skill, 15% Concentrated Power of Will... 5% Pleasure, 50% Pain, and 100% Reason to Remember the Name!

They must be using aluminum wts. That's unreal strength. Beautiful. I'm moving to Russia for the summer. I'll be back after I learn all their training secrets. I would pay big money.

THAT WAS TOO EASY!!!!! Russian powerlifters are great!!!

that was even faster than olechs 771 awsome lifting, like bigbyrd said looked like an opener.


...those weights were Hollywood props.

Putt Houston.... now with more Bom Chicka Wahwahhhhhh

freaking effortless!

Theres actually a vid of him on youtube doing an EASY 881 @ 198 in a meet as well! Guys superhuman, ive seen him deadlift 836 @ 198 easy in comp as well, id say one of the strongest if not THE strongest human being on the planet right now pound for pound!

perfect technique and a shitload of weight. That squat is a thing of beauty.

That's one of the most impressive squats i have seen.

Bald powerlifters are the strongest ^_^

Powerlifting rules!!! Bodybuilding sucks....!!

Incredible. A true 198er who actually walked out that weight and killed it. Awesome.

True.........thats the right word.........Powerlifting rules!!! Bodybuilding sucks!!! !!! :)